4 Tips to having a stylish home with small children

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Having children brings about a lot of changes in one’s life. One of the many changes is how different a home can look. But it is not true that having small children means that you can no longer have a stylish home.

A baby or child does not mean that you need to let go of the aesthetics that you have always wanted for the house. With a few tips and tricks, you can still have an elegant, stylish home that will please both children and adult. One tip can be to give the walls in your house a makeover by giving it a bright paint. This will make it more pleasing to the eyes of you and your children, just remember to buy one that is resistant to stains so that if there accidents, like jam-covered fingers or toddlers getting carefree with markers happen, they will still look fresh and clean.

For more tips, just read on and see what else you can incorporate in your own house.

  1. Aim for darker fabrics – when there are children, expect mishaps to happen. There will be spilled food and drinks, so one of the best things to do is find furniture which has darker fabric. This way, the stains will not be very noticeable. You can also opt to have a leather couch so that you can also easily wipe the stain and mess that has been made.
  1. Incorporate a lot of storage – children have a lot of things, from books, clothes, and most especially toys. The clutter is one of the things that you need to get rid of when you want a stylish home. Make sure that you have more than enough storage to house all of your kid’s things. And don’t forget to get storage that would blend with the rest of your furniture. You can have custom-made treasure chests for their toys. Woven baskets would look great on the white shelf and would perfectly hide all the little knick-knacks that your child has.
  1. Don’t be afraid to declutter – you do not need to be sentimental about all of your child’s things. While you can keep some of the things they used before but no longer need, it’s better to give or donate the others. You don’t need multiple sippy cups or plates. If your children outgrow them, give them away. You can also do the same with their artwork. You can compile their works in folders or envelope so that your fridge does not need to look messy.
  1. Choose the right furniture  – one of the things that you need get rid of are sharp corners, to avoid any injury when the children are playing around. You can choose couches with soft fabrics instead of all-wood chairs. Instead of a coffee table, you can also invest in a round ottoman instead so that you won’t be afraid of your child hitting any sharp corner of the table. Check out some of the furniture over at www.danetti.com. They have a lot of collections that you can choose from to make your home stylish and perfect for your family.
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