4 Tips to giving your dining room a mid-century look


The year may be 2017 but there is still something about the styles of homes in the 1950s that make is so appealing to homeowners even until now. The charm of uncluttered and sleek lines plus functionality continues to become popular with homeowners.

Many want to recreate that look in their homes. You do not need to be pressured to buy things specifically made during that era to make a replica of the design. Adapting the techniques is enough.

Check out some inspiration online to get an idea of what a room designed with a mid-century look should appear. One tip is incorporating a lot of wood in the design as this seems to be a staple in the design. And by wood, it’s not the engineered pressed wood that’s popular nowadays, but real wood. IF you have the cash to spare you can go look for pieces made by George Nelson and other designers who found fame during that era.

If you’d like to focus on a specific area in your house, such as the dining room, check out the tips below on how you can update your dining room to a mid-century modern look.

  1. Put the appropriate lighting – no need to install matching lamps in your dining room as the mid-century design is all about bold lighting. Choose pendant lights or chandeliers with geometric patterns. You can even go beyond that and ask around for people who can make custom-made designs. You are not only getting lighting but a piece of art which can be the center of attention in your dining room.
  1. Install a bar – bring in the nostalgia by having a bar at your dining area. But if the budget does not allow for that, even a bar cart can bring that same nostalgia without breaking the back. Plus a bar cart has wheels so you can bring it from room to room when you entertain guests at your house.
  1. Add mirrors in strategic places – mirrors are not only great for decoration but they can create a whole new ambiance to the room by making it feel bigger as it reflects light. Any house would benefit from installing mirrors in areas inside, but if you’re looking to make your dining room look like it was in the 1950s, go for the sunburst mirror design. This design was very prominent during the era, and you don’t have to look in many places as there are many replicas of the design found in many furniture stores.

4. Choose the right furniture – before, homeowners needed to buy vintage and visit flea markets to get the right furniture to make their houses look like it was from the mid-century, but the great thing nowadays is that companies have come up with new furniture line specifically to cater to homes that want that particular look, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that look. If you’re looking for furniture for your dining, check out www.danetti.com  for the perfect chairs, tables and more for your home.

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