5 Tips to landing a teaching job overseas


Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut for awhile? Maybe you are looking a new adventure, perhaps travel to a new place and meet new people who are different from what you are used to. But the problem is you have not saved enough money for that long-awaited travel. There’s one thing you can do to fulfill that.

Teaching abroad is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a new place and culture while earning money. There are thousands of teachers abroad who will testify to having the time of their lives in other countries.

If you are not sure how to go about applying for a teaching job overseas, read through the tips below so you can get started on your new adventure.

  1. Choose a destination that fits your interests – there are so many countries to choose from for an overseas teaching job. But you need to make sure that you make the right choice for your option. Read through the possible countries and choose one that you feel would fit your interests. Maybe you are interested in culture or countries with a lot of options for mountain hiking, the important thing is that you educate yourself with the country and not just choose a random destination to go to.
  1. Check and recheck the job requirements – there are different requirements for each country, so you need to familiarize yourself with them. Check if you possess the proper requirements and qualifications for the teaching job you are eyeing. If you are giving yourself ample time before you apply, build your resume by adding to your skills and certification in order to have more chances of landing the job.
  1. Get a TEFL certificate – while the qualifications may be different per country, most would actually require a TEFL certificate for most teaching jobs. If you do not have a certification yet, you can look for local companies at your area that offers them. You can also check out online schools that offer classes, just make sure that the course would be at least 100 hours, which most schools overseas require.
  1. Build your language skills – once you have chosen the country you want to go to, start studying the language. This will come in handy in communicating not just with your future students but colleagues as well. If you plan on exploring the country, you not only need to build up on skills but be aware of the cultural differences too.
  1. Get advice – you may have other questions about the process, for those questions, better get the advice of other people. For example, you may look for people who are already teaching abroad or look for an agency that will help you find a job. There are agencies that assist their teachers from the beginning of the processing and even sets up mock interviews to help prepare the teachers to deal with prospective employers. If you are sure about your decision, make your decision to teach abroad with this agency we highly recommend. Point to Point Education has spent years placing teachers to their dream overseas teaching jobs, and they can do the same for you today.
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