5 Great Places To Live In Florida That Focus On Health And Wellness

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The contemporary world is full of temptations that can make it difficult for us to focus on our health and wellness. Health is wealth and as Josh Billings puts it, ¨Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.¨ Your body is your most priceless possession; therefore, it is of paramount importance for you to take care of it. Fortunately, the modern world isn’t only full of evil temptations that encourage us to give in to our vices; it is also filled with places that focus on health and wellness. Here are 5 of the best halfway houses in Florida!

  1. Transitional Living in Palm Beach County

There are numerous halfway houses located in Delray Beach and Lake Worth, Florida. These houses have been specifically developed and designed to aid in comfortable recovery and help you maintain your sobriety. Drug screens are conducted frequently and randomly to keep the homes drug-free at all times. Therefore, visiting the halfway houses in Palm Beach County will undoubtedly help you maintain your health and wellness especially if you are planning to abstain from alcohol.

  1. Ocean Breeze Recovery

Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, Ocean Breeze Recovery is one of the best rehabilitation centers in the state of Florida. The committed employees of the recovery home provide personal, individualized treatment to the clients. They really go above their call of duty to provide the clients with a structured, comfortable and nurturing environment to help them get rid of their addictions. Some of the amenities they provide include yoga therapy, alumni events, individual treatment plan, individual treatment plan, and case management etc.

  1. Recovery Unplugged

The Recovery Unplugged organization is situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Instead of using traditional methods to help addiction problems, the organization focuses on utilizing creative practices such as recording music, performing a musical, and writing lyrics. Of course, clients have the option of choosing traditional recovery therapy and cognitive therapy too. In addition to that, there are facilities such as yoga sessions, gym, swimming sessions, and nature walks.

  1. Summit Detox

The Summit Detox center in Boynton Beach, Florida, excels at providing a variety of medications to patients to help them recover from addictions to substances. They excel at providing natural remedies and ensure that the recovering addicts are medicated properly during detox. What are some of the facilities provided by Summit Detox? Well, there are numerous health food options, premium rooms, gender specific programs, and vitamin regiments.

  1. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort sits on a 759-foot stretch of private beach and boasts of suites that are luxurious, to say the least. When on the resort, you can treat yourself to powerful therapeutic treatments and sign up for the 200+ exercise classes and fitness programs. Some of the amenities the resort have include a luxurious spa, pools, beach, a two-story big indoor rock wall and therapeutic igloo.  

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