5 Ways that intimacy can affect your health

intimacy can improve your relationship

Sometimes, we do not really realize it, but being intimate with someone can totally make a difference in our overall well-being.  Intimacy makes two people more connected than ever. And it can either be good or bad. It can either make you embrace life and be healthier, or it can also give you stress and eventually put your health down the drain.

Here are five ways that intimacy can affect your health.

  1. It can either improve or worsen your mental health problem.

When you are already intimate with someone, you do not just share a connection physically. You also are opening up yourself wholly to another person. This means that it involves emotional and mental connection to your partner. When you have reached to that point, feelings are more involved and it can either heighten your anxiety and depression, especially if the relationship is unstable. Or, it can also improve your mental health altogether, especially if you are with a supportive and understanding partner.

  1. It can cause weight gain.

Intimacy makes two people more confident with each other. Thus eventually, they tend to not care about their physical well-being in the long run. According to studies, couples tend to gain more weight once they get married or once they settle and start living together. However, some do motivate each other to set fitness goals and simply be responsible for each other’s well-being.

  1. It can affect your sexual health.

Healthy sex means healthy life. However, that is not the case for everyone. Getting intimate with someone can affect your sexual health mostly. Even if you and your partner do not have multiple partners and had been very careful using your protection, getting tested is still important. You can never know.  Getting tested for STD’s and STI’s is important if you are sexually active. If you want to know more about getting tested, you can check out stdaware.com to learn more.

  1. It can heighten or reduce stress levels.

Regular physical intimacy can boost your well-being. When you are in a healthy, low-maintenance, and drama-free relationship, chances are your life will be more stress-free. Living a stress-free life can most definitely make you healthier inside and out. However, such is not the case if you are in a turmoil relationship. Intimacy does not end on sex alone, and if there are constant disputes and disagreements, it can put more strain on your health. Partners who do not get support from their partners and are constantly on the rocks can heighten one’s stress levels.

  1. It can affect one’s drinking habits.

Intimacy, or the lack thereof, can affect one’s drinking habits. What our partners do can greatly impact what we do with our lives. If your partner drinks excessively, chances are, you too will also be drinking heavily. That is the case because of most of the time, what our partners do mirrors our actions. Both men and women tend to resort to drinking in response to their problems, which most of the time, can add more fuel to the fire than resolving the problems.

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