Different types of roofing and what you need to know about them

what type of roofing do you need

Are you planning to build your own home soon? You’ve probably read up on the many subjects regarding the types of homes and designs you can incorporate into your own home. One of the important things you need to consider for your home is what type of roof you will have installed.

Roofs are important not just for aesthetic purposes, but they also function as protection for elements like water and wind. There are many types of roofing that can be installed in homes. If you have not yet had the chance to find out about the types of roofing, here are some of them and the important things to know about each type.

Gabled Roof

This is a very popular choice for many structures, and if you are picturing a typical house, you are probably picturing the triangular shape of a gabled roof. What’s great about this type of roof is that the sloped structure makes it easier to rid the roof of water and snow. There is also more space for an attic, which means better air circulation. A downside of the gabled roof is that if it is not constructed properly if the house is in a place that experiences strong winds and hurricane, there is a possibility of collapse. Homeowners must make sure that they choose the right material and that the roof should be properly braced.

Gambrel Roof

This type of roof can be typically on barns. This roof has a shallower angle of the ridge beam. Just imagine a gable roof where the sides are broken to create two more angles. This allows for more space for the attic. It is also simpler to construct compared to the mansard roof, as it only uses two beams. This can be used for storage sheds. The downside of a gambrel roof is that again it is not advisable to build this in areas that have strong winds. Because of the design, extreme pressure may cause the roof to be damaged and eventually collapse.

Flat roof

A flat roof is simple enough to understand and picture. It only has a very slight pitch, just enough for water to run off, but otherwise, it really appears flat. Although this is normally seen on buildings, more and more houses are being constructed with a flat roof. The extra space can now be used for a patio or garden which is great for warmer areas. Some homes also place solar panels on flat roofs to make their homes more energy –efficient. They are also easier to construct and require fewer materials, which may save the homeowner some money. Flat roofs are more at risk for water leakage so the material used should be chosen with care. If the city you live tends to have heavy rain and snowfall it might not be a good idea as the weight could add much pressure on the roof.

Other than the three mentioned above, there are so many other types of roofs that can be an option for a home. For more options, check out the list provided by roofersbristoluk.co.uk.

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