Cold Hands Warm Heart_ Hot Gift Ideas to Beat the Bitter Winter Months

How to stay warm in the winter

Do you know someone with a winter birthday, or who lives in a place that stays cool all year long? Do you always feel stumped when it comes time to buy holiday or birthday gifts?

Finding the perfect gift can be bit tricky, even if you know someone really well.

But, wintertime gift-giving can actually be relatively simple.

Surprise the winter walkers in your life by giving the gift of warmth. From sweater socks, blankets and more, here are some great ideas for keeping your favorite people nice and toasty, no matter what the season.

Step Up Their Sock Game

Everybody has a drawer full of sad mismatched socks in varying tones of grayish white. Give the coldest person on your list a sock makeover. Look for substantial wool fabric, vibrant prints that stave off the winter blues or something extra cozy like these leg warmers for women.

Towel Warmer

The dilemma of the winter time shower is a real struggle. You need to rinse off at some point, but the idea of being wet sounds troubling at best.

While the shower itself is toasty warm, getting out can be a real shock of cold. This towel warmer is a gift you may have trouble wrapping up and giving away—it takes any bathroom from basic to the borderline spa and makes the “transition” out of the shower a whole lot easier.

A Gigantic Blanket

We’re not talking wimpy throw blankets, we mean business. If you’ve got someone in your life who needs to be warmed up big time, get them a big old blanket they can add to their bedding mix or drag out to the couch when the house gets too drafty. This extra fluffy version comes in a range of colors and is relatively affordable, too.

Heated Mattress Pad

The heated mattress pad is ideal for those freezing cold winter nights when even your sheets feel too cold to touch. Plus, it also soothes tight and sore muscles. Don’t worry, this version comes equipped with some safety measures in place so your gift won’t turn into some kind of fire hazard.

A Nice Flannel

There’s nothing better than walking around in blanket fabric. Perfect for layering under cozy sweaters inside the house or out on the town, get your favorite winter-born friend a cozy flannel. And while synonymous with the “hipster” look, classic flannels never go out of style and they’re available in just about every color under the sun, or uh, the gloomy sky.

Think Hot When It Comes to Beverages

Put together a cool gift basket with a selection of coffee beans, hot teas and the makings of some adult beverages to make those cold winter nights just a bit more bearable. Grab an array of teas—black, green, herbal or flavored with cold weather staples like cinnamon and peppermint. And throw in a mug for good measure. Bonus points for including a mug warmer.

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