How to Captivate Your Blog Audience with Humor

Any blogger knows that it is essential to keep an audience entertained in order to successfully make them loyal. Whether you’re trying to sell products, generate shares or encourage interaction, the content you provide must be engaging and generate emotional responses in its readers or viewers. One way that many bloggers connect with their audiences is by using humor. Ultimately, you can make an excellent impression on most people by tickling their funny bone. In order to help you make this happen, we’ve put together some pointers on how to captivate your blog audience using the natural tenets of humor in content creation.


  • Serve Up Regular Bits of Humor


Your blog audience is constantly seeking new content: it’s why updating your blog and brand regularly is so crucial to maintaining audience loyalty. Whether you’re reaching your blog audience directly through your blog or via social media connections, it’s important to regularly serve up little bits of humor wherever possible. This can be in a number of formats, including Joke of the Day type blurbs or occasional references to funny current events in your blog posts. The more you incorporate humor into your blog’s image, the more easily you can break the monotony in more detailed or technical posts. This can come in handy when trying to make inward roads with new audiences in particular.


  • Use a Bit of Self-Deprecation


Generally, people aren’t too fond of those who take themselves too seriously. A down to earth approach – even when approaching a subject from the perspective of an expert – is often a good course of action. One of the best forms of humor for building rapport with an audience is self-deprecation. It shows that you can take a good joke just as much as the next guy, and helps take some of the edge off of situations where you might criticize or poke fun at others for similar things. If you can laugh at yourself, then there’s a good chance you can make others laugh along with you – and that is one of the main ways to captivate an audience.


  • Tell a Story and Use Metaphors


When using humor outside the realm of a stand-alone joke or blurb, it’s important that you utilize storytelling elements wherever possible. The powerful effect of storytelling is widely documented, from politics to marketing. When you can wrap your humor into a broader narrative, it sells well. At the same time, it’s helpful to use metaphors when telling a joke or using humor in some format. While anecdotal tales are awesome examples of humorous situations, you can utilize metaphors to make analogies and poke fun at various concepts that you might not wish to touch in a literal sense. These two elements, when combined, can produce a powerful effect that influences your readers positively.

When you speak to an audience, humor can often help make the story more palatable. Whether you’re providing people with a tutorial, telling a story or making recommendations, humor can help connect those experiences to readers in a way that simple recollection cannot accomplish. By using stories, self-deprecation and serving up regular bits of humor here and there, you’ll be able to captivate your audience on a regular basis and keep them enthralled with your blog.

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