Wondering How to Create the Perfect Grown Up Entertainment Room – Here’s What You Need to Know


As you start to make a home for yourself, it’s only natural that your tastes change. You start to develop a more grown-up taste so to speak and tend to look for pieces that are more refined, higher quality, and more functional. So, what happens if you’re looking for a way to transform or update your current entertainment room and make it into something more comfortable, functional, stylish, and of course more grown-up?

No matter your budget, there are all kinds of different tips you can use. Here’s a look at some of the top tricks of the trade that will help you create the perfect grown up entertainment room.

Choose Your Wall Color – Two Main Routes to Take

The first step that people usually take is to change up the wall color in their entertainment room. You’ve got two main routes that you can take in this regard, depending on the look you’re going for. Both are grown up, stylish, and sophisticated, but they definitely will create very different feels.

You can either choose to go with a neutral mid-tone or light shade such as gray, taupe, or beige, or you can go for a bold statement and make it more true to a “theatre” room by choosing a dark color such as navy, charcoal, or even black. If you decide to go with the dramatic dark color, you can always lighten up the space by painting your trim white, using light colored furniture, light accent pieces, and light flooring.

The Ideal Furniture

Furniture is another big aspect to consider when designing your grown-up entertainment room. The most popular choice for seating in theatre rooms tends to be reclining sofas and chairs. This allows you to get nice and comfortable during a movie, then pop the footrests back in place, and out of the way when not in use.

Something like the Ekornes sofa is a perfect example of modern, streamlined, entertainment room seating that offers comfort, style, and durability. The fact that these sofas are made from leather just helps to add to the drama and overall luxuriousness of the room.

Give Thought to the Entertainment System Placement

In most rooms, you would design the space around the furniture, a large picture window, a doorway, or even a fireplace, but in an entertainment room it’s important to think of layout in terms of the placement of the entertainment system.

You want to choose the best wall for the TV. Consider one that is free of shadows and glare, and provides optimal viewing space. Next, you can go ahead and place your furniture in the room. The last step can be your surround sound system, which should be strategically placed around the seating in order to get that true “surround” experience.

Now that you’ve put all this time and effort into making the perfect entertainment space, the last thing that is left to do is enjoy your new space!

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