Tips for People Who Work on Their Feet

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You probably know that sitting all day is extremely bad for the body. It can cause problems with your muscles and bones and promote weight gain and obesity. Many health professionals, therefore, suggest that we all stand as frequently as possible. However, what many people who work on their feet know is that it isn’t all plain sailing either.

Sure, when you stand all day, you will burn more calories, and you’re likely to weigh less and be fitter than office workers who sit all day, but there are downsides too. When you stand for long periods, your feet hurt, you can suffer from back pain, sore knees, and painful hips and you can start to feel worn out very quickly.

If you work on your feet, here are some tips to make your life easier:

Buy a Good Pair of Shoes

It’s often your feet that suffer the most when you work on your feet all day, which is why buying a comfy pair of shoes is so very important. You should ideally find a pair of shoes that are cushioned, comfy and roomy enough to count for your feet swelling up throughout the day. I find that work boots like the ones you can find at are a safe bet, and they have the added benefit of keeping your feet safe if you work in a job where that could be an issue, too.

Stretch Regularly

If you want to avoid aching muscles and joints, it makes sense to stretch your body multiple times throughout the day. It needn’t take more than a few minutes, but taking the time to stretch your hamstrings, back and thighs will make a dramatic difference to the way your body feels. If you have time, you might also want to take off your shoes, wiggle your toes and stretch your feet a couple of times.

Practice Good Posture

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Holding good posture will help to prevent injuries to your whole body and your neck and back in particular. You can see how to practice correct posture at, and although it might feel unnatural at first and take you a while to get it right, it’s worth practicing if you don’t want your job to affect your body too badly.

Sit Down During Breaks

Whenever you get the chance, take a break and sit down. Taking the weight off your feet even for a few minutes will give your body a much-needed rest and ensure that you can get through the rest of the day relatively unscathed.

Pamper Your Feet

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When the working day is over, and you get home, massage your feet, treat them to a scented foot spa or take a hot bath. This will help to reduce swelling and ensure that your feet are fit to fight another day.

Have Regular Checkups

Other than doing all of the above, you should aim to have a physical at least once a year, to check that your work isn’t causing any serious issues to your body.

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