Everything A Freelancer Needs To Stay Organized


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If you’re interested in making money and doing what you love, then perhaps a freelance career is for you? There are so many freelance careers out there, it all depends on where your skills lie and what your passion is.

For anyone that does want to become a successful freelancer, this article is for you. Below, you’ll find three essential things every freelancer needs to stay organized while they work:

Schedule Planner

Freelancing has a lot of perks, one of which is that you get to work to your own schedule. However, some people struggle with this flexibility as they take on too much work all at once, and end up struggling to get it all finished in time. What you need is a schedule planner to keep yourself nice and organized and ensure you know what work to do and when the due date is. With a planner, you can book clients in for certain times and schedule their work to be finished by certain dates. Every day, you will see what you need to do for that day, and which items of work are more important as they’re due earlier than others. Plus, you can use your planner to schedule any meetings you may have with clients too, as well as any other work-related activities you have going on.

Laptop Bag

The great thing about a freelance career is that you aren’t confined to working in the same place all the time. You might decide to go away for a few days to somewhere more relaxing, but you can still bring your work with you. Likewise, clients may request that you come and meet with them to discuss your work. Or, you may prefer going out to coffee shops or libraries as you work better there than at home. Regardless, you need a laptop bag to stay organized and carry your most important work tool around wherever you go. There are places like Samsill that sell laptop backpacks which are a good alternative to a classic laptop bag as they offer more space. The size of your laptop determines the size of your bag, just remember you get one to stay organized when moving around, and to ensure you keep your laptop with you wherever you go, just in case you need to do some work.

Bookkeeping Software

As a freelancer, you’re responsible for keeping track of all your earnings and all your business expenses. It’s vital that you understand your finances, as you’ll have to pay tax every year on your earnings. Fail to pay the right tax, and you could get hit with all kinds of fines and problems. With bookkeeping software, you pay for a service that allows you to manage all of your finances in one place. You can easily input your earnings as well as your expenses, and some software automatically calculates tax for you too.


If you keep yourself organized, freelance work is a lot easier to manage. You’ll find yourself to be more efficient and productive, which will benefit your work and help you earn even more money.


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