5 Important Items to Pack before Going on a Long Road Trip


Going on a road trip can be very exciting as there are many unfamiliar places to visit and attractions to take advantage of. However, getting to those destinations requires you to be responsible so you and your passengers are comfortable and safe during the journey. Before you set off on your long road trip adventure, plan your route in detail and take regular stops to rest up before setting off again. Along with the planning, make sure you bring along the following items with you to make your trip safer and more comfortable.


  • Bring Pillows and Blankets


If you’re going on a long road trip you never know how long it can take to complete due to possible traffic congestion and the chance your vehicle could break down. Always bring your pillows and blankets with you so you’re comfortable if you need to sleep in your vehicle overnight. You could also bring camping gear so you can have an even more comfortable rest stop if you have the room to take it with you.


  • Take First Aid Supplies


You never know when you’re going to have an accident – always make sure you have First Aid Supplies at the ready. Seriously, a first aid kit could be the difference between life and death in some cases so it’s always important you bring one along. Some vehicles already come with one, but always check before setting off on your journey.


  • Snacks for the Road


You could stop to take advantage of a good McDonalds, but that’s not going to be cheap so it’s always worth bringing snacks for you and your passengers to enjoy. You don’t have to bring cooked meals to enjoy on the road. Instead, some chips and fruit will often do the trick until you find a nice restaurant at the end of your journey.  


  • Sports Games and Hiking Gear


The whole idea of a good road trip is to enjoy the environment around you, not just the inside of the vehicle. Plan your trip so you get to stop in areas where you can go hiking or have a game of football. This will give you exercise and make you feel like you’re not driving for an endless period.


  • Spare Keys and Breakdown Gear


If your vehicle breaks down it’s important you have the necessary supplies to try and fix it yourself. Obviously, there’s only so much you can do with the experience and tools at your disposal, but there are plenty of problems you can solve without ringing the breakdown guys. Another crucial point to consider when you’re going on a long trip is to bring an extra set of car keys – you never know when you’re going to get locked out, especially if you’re stopping multiple times on your journey.

A long road trip can be a wonderful experience for everybody involved, but if you don’t pack the right items, that enjoyable experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. Before setting off on any long journey, make sure you have the right items and you’re confident you have everything you need to make the journey a successful and enjoyable trip. 

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