3 ways to enjoy your amazing wine tour in Italy


Traveling to Italy should be on everyone’s travel list. It’s a great way to experience new things and to learn more about the country’s culture, traditions, and specialties. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on the world famous Italian wines. This is why a wine tour should be part of your itinerary when traveling to Italy.

There are different wine tours that you could choose from. You could also plan one on your own. However, to make your travel stress-free and to simply enjoy the best of Italy, you could just opt for an organized wine tour. You’ll not only enjoy the wine and the food but also learn a lot from the tour guides. Here are three ways to enjoy your wine tour in Italy.

Schedule a visit. Most of the wineries in Italy require that you contact them in advance if you plan on visiting. If you’re going on an organized tour then this won’t be your concern. However, for those who are planning their own wine tour, you’ll have to give advance notice. Also, come with a rental car, a designated driver, and a GPS unit since some wineries are hard to find. You can check out a lot of resources online for which wineries to visit. There’s an organization called Movimento Turismo del Vino that can provide you with a lot of information as well as suggest itineraries for your wine tour. You can also check out Open Cellars Day where you could do a wine tasting at participating vineyards without any need for an appointment. It’s an annual event that happens only once and usually takes place during the last weekend of May.

Learn a little bit of Italian. It’s always fun to learn a new language. You don’t have to master Italian. You just need to know a few words so you’ll know what kind of wine is being served as well as what is stated on the label. Wine is, of course, vino. And for the label, it would be helpful to know terms such as “azienda” (estate), “anno” (year), “produttore” (producer), “gradazione alcolica” (alcohol percentage), and other wine-related terms.

Taste new wines and note your favorites. While you may already have a favorite wine, the purpose of having a wine tour is to taste and experience new ones. So don’t be afraid to try unfamiliar flavors and varieties. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you taste. And since you will taste a lot of wines, you want to take note of what pleased you the most and what you don’t like. This is also an experience that doesn’t happen quite as often so make the most out of it. Plus, you may even have a new favorite at the end of the tour.

Enjoy the great scenery and eat great food. You can enjoy all these by signing up for one of the many Tuscany wine tours. Choose which wine tour will suit you and have a wonderful time discovering Italy.

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