3 Ideas for what to do with used moving boxes


What do you do with your leftover packing supplies? Give them away, sell them, or just let them sit unused? Well, here are three uses for your used moving boxes. Feel free to use all of these tricks for your excess used moving boxes.

Recycle the boxes. Here’s a simple solution. Most urban areas provide recycling bins to new residents. This includes tenants in apartment complexes. Some cities recycle boxes in bulk. These municipalities pick up your cardboard boxes for no charge. That’s right! The process is free!

Reuse the boxes. You can re-purpose the boxes to use at your new home. The holiday decorations must go somewhere, right? Give off-season clothes a break in a used moving box. Those books you rarely read? A used moving box does the trick. As you can see, storage tops the list of uses for boxes. Plus, these mundane objects keep you organized. Whether you are in a studio or a mansion, a reuse exists for boxes. Online discussion boards are out there where people post about their moving supplies. Some users donate their supplies to others or sell them to recoup costs.

Some moving companies provide a box drop location. Customers leave their cardboard moving boxes for other shoppers; they can take donated moving boxes. Once again, this box exchange is free!

Of course, charities take in discarded boxes. Call your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or religious institution to see if they take used moving boxes. Surely, you will make someone’s day. You can always just leave the boxes outside your residence…with a note. A missive with ‘Free Boxes’ will attract scavengers. Also, friends and family may need moving boxes. Make sure to check with them. You may unload all of your boxes in one fell swoop!

Random uses around your new home. If you find yourself stuck with your used moving boxes, all is not lost! Numerous ways exist to make practical use of your moving boxes. Use the boxes as weed killers. You can flatten your box and rip them into sections. Place the cardboard over your weeds. Then heap mulch on to the cardboard. The cardboard and mother nature take care of the rest. Once the box sections heat the surrounding area, weeds disappear soon after.

Protection against dirt, grime, leaks or spills is another common use for cardboard boxes. Do not forget about paint jobs. Moving boxes provide an extra layer of protection against paint on the floor. Covering your floor will relieve stress come cleanup time.

The boxes can serve as gift wrap boxes too. This is perfect for holidays and birthdays. Instead of buying overpriced gift boxes, use what you possess on hand. Dust off those moving boxes and repurpose them into something that can put a smile on someone’s face.

Cardboard boxes make good poster mountings. Most poster mountings contain cardboard backing. Why not create your own? Your moving boxes can keep your posters from moving inside their frames.

Do not let your used moving boxes sit around unloved. Moving may be over but the boxes can find new life for a new use. Use the tips in this post to control your space.

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