Beating The Work Malaise To Get A Raise!

We all feel the drudgery of our job on occasion. Some feel it more than others. But so many of us don’t do anything about it! We spend a third of our lives working, so we need to make the most of it. And if you really want to do something about it, you will. But if you’re stuck for some ideas on where to begin, take a look at these ways to ignite your fire.

Work Towards A Promotion

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The reason a lot of people feel a sense of resentment towards their job is because they simply aren’t being challenged enough. So what do you do about this? Get higher up the ladder! Get some job applications under your belt and look at what roles there are within your current organization that will not just offer you a healthier pay packet, but something that keeps you on your toes. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually the things you do outside of work that can help you gain a promotion at work. Start a blog, learn a language, or develop a new skill, anything that can be seen as a transferrable skill. This makes you a lot more useful in the eyes of your employers and can set you up for a new role in your workplace. That way, you don’t need to go job hunting or make the stressful leap into a new career while retaining the perks of your current job, or maybe even more.

Start A Business In Your Downtime

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Another way to challenge yourself, you could begin on the startup ladder when you’re not in work. Be sure to check your work contract, as some prohibit their employees from starting businesses on company time, so if there are any conflicts, you need to bring it up with your line manager. If you are keen on starting your own business, there are so many things that you may need to learn, and if you don’t have a background in business, it is possible to obtain qualifications without needing to go to a class. There are places like UAB Online who offer business courses you can complete at home. While the stats cannot be ignored, around 90% of startups fail within their first year. This means that you will need to work hard at getting the required knowledge of running a business, acquiring finances or capital, or just researching the market. These can take a lot of your time. Assuming that this is something you are passionate about, you will be aiming to promote a product that is close to your heart. This could be a blog, or you could be selling vacuum cleaners! Whatever your passion, the fundamentals of running a business are always the same, you need time, effort, money, and dedication. It can be hard to balance that with your Monday to Friday career, and so as time progresses and the business may prove to be more successful than you ever hoped, you can slowly start to reduce you working hours and increase your business hours. 

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