Essential Buys for a New Baby


Having a baby is an incredibly exciting time. However, it can also be quite stressful. Your body is making a person. Your mind is dealing with hormonal changes and getting used to the idea of your expanding family. To make matters worse, you are receiving a huge amount of advice about what you need to buy for the baby. Realistically, you probably need a lot less than you think you do. Here are the essentials. Anything extra is a bonus.


When it comes to buying a pram or pushchair it’s important to think about your needs. Do you do a lot of walking? Is it going to have to fit in the boot of your car? Where will you store it at home? Do you need to get it onto a bus? Write a list of everything you need and measure your space. You should also consider your own height. If you are tall, try to find a pram with a long or extending handle.

Car Seat

If you’ve got a car, a car seat is an essential, as well as a legal requirement. The law has recently changed so double check what you need but child car seats with Isofix base from Icklebubba give you a great option. They come in complete travel system models, which means you get the car seat and a pram, all for one price. Isofix is an excellent option as it allows you to easily get the seat in and out of the car.


Your baby is going to need somewhere to sleep. But, that doesn’t mean you need a crib, Moses basket, cot, toddler bed, and a bed. The baby will need to sleep in your room for at least six months. So, if you are short on space, a crib or Moses basket is a good idea. But, they aren’t essential. The baby can just go straight into a cot then into a normal single bed when they are older. Don’t feel you need to buy all the options going.


Children grow very quickly. So, buy a few basics in the first few sizes then get what you need as you need it. You will probably also find you get many clothing gifts, so try not to get carried away.


All you need here is a few sheets, a blanket, and a sleeping bag if you plan to use them.

Feeding Equipment

If you intend to breastfeed you don’t really need anything. Breast pads are ideal, especially in the first few weeks, and you many want to consider a breast pump if your partner would also like to be able to feed. If you are bottle feeding, you’ll need bottles, a steriliser, and some formula.

Changing Supplies

Don’t get carried away here either. You only need to buy enough nappies and wipes for the first few days. Get them in a few different newborn sizes just in case. Changing tables look great, but if you’re short on space a mat on the floor works just as well.

All you absolutely need before the birth is somewhere for the baby to sleep, a few clothes, some nappies, a pram, and a car seat. Everything else can come later so don’t panic. Enjoy your pregnancy.

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