Pitching a Business Idea – The Right Way

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Pitching a business idea is more than having a solid business plan or a good idea. It’s about presenting your pitch at the right place and at the right time and gives more details than the average first-time investor can fathom. The subtle clues you are sending might make or break your pitch without even you knowing it. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips to ensure that your pitch will leave a lasting impression.

Learn the Art of Presentation

Giving a presentation remains one of the most effective ways to pitch a business idea. Presenting your ideas in person is now done as often it is via video conference, but the need to appear authentic while engaging with your audience remains important. Give reasonable projections for your sales and profits, not optimistic projections that could cause others to not trust you. Share your assumptions so that your clients understand what led you to them in the first place. Don’t exaggerate your expertise, experience, or abilities. Honesty is key to building trust, and time spent trying to prop up overly optimistic claims or exaggerations hurts your presentation.

Keep it Short and Sweet

In a world where time is a precious commodity, your formal presentation should run less than ten minutes. When you give your presentations, you also have to keep the audience’s short attention span in mind. This means not staying on more than one slide for more than three minutes. One slide per minute is ideal. Flip through slides too fast, though, and you’ll risk losing your audience. Don’t rush at the end, since this could prevent the audience from receiving the reinforced closing message. And if you say ‘and one last thing’, actually make it the last thing you say as part of the presentation except to ask for questions from the audience. If you have extra time in the presentation period, don’t use it to expand on what you talked about since you could end up on a tangent, instead, solicit feedback.

Printed Portfolios

Printed folders containing charts and designs of your products make a lasting impression long after the PowerPoint presentation is over. They serve as a reminder for as long as someone retains them, and unlike a business card, they present your business case to anyone else who will receive the business folder. Only use a professionally printed folder from a company like folderprinting.co.uk to make your pitch. You can double the impact of your business portfolio by having the business logo or product design on the outside of the folders.

Give your presentation at the right pace and keep it short without compromising on substance. Be honest and authentic when sharing your proposals. Give copies of your presentation or slideshow in professionally printed portfolios to maximise your impact, and use business cards to remind people of you and your organization after a short encounter like a chance meeting at a conference or an elevator pitch.

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