Know the Ins and Outs of Renting a Villa in Greece


A holiday in Greece can be full of wild expectations to experience picturesque beaches, quaint villages, and seafood that will rival the best you’ve ever had. The cobalt sea beckons the traveler to soak in the warmth and beauty of Greece, mirroring the hospitality of the people you will encounter during your visit.

Deciding where to stay for your visit will set the tone for your time in Greece. Greece has a beautiful selection of villas that immerse you in the beauty and culture, while providing a feeling of freedom and privacy. Villas provide an opportunity to experience Greece like a local, if even for several days.

With so many islands and different options for villas in Greece, what are some important general tips to keep in mind before booking your villa, regardless of the island you decide on?

  • Villas in Greece are similar to their beaches: the harder it is to find and the more secluded it is, the more rustic and cheaper it will be. While you can score a lower price on a villa in a more remote location, you sacrifice the benefits of staying in Crete Villas for example, which is a tourist-focused area.
  • Know what you are getting: Many villas come equipped with everything you need for your stay, including a fully-equipped kitchen, well-stocked linens for the beds and towels for both showers and the pool (if a pool is onsite). Some may even include services for your stay (i.e. maid, butler service).
    While many villas offer a full list of concierge-type services, it’s important to know what is included and what will be tacked on to your bill at the end of your stay. Services such as grocery delivery, transportation and even babysitting may be options during your stay at your villa. Some even offer vacation packages that include guided tours or boat rentals.
  • Understand the terms of your rental: Most villas are rented on a weekly basis and typically Saturday to Saturday. Most villas don’t make financial gain if you aren’t planning on staying at least a week.
  • Know exactly where your villa is: Don’t take the written description as gospel. Know exactly where your villa is located, not just a general sense of where it is. Many will say they are “near” major towns, when in fact they are in the middle of nowhere. If you can’t pinpoint the exact location of your villa, that may be a good sign to look for a different place to stay.
  • Book early: Booking your stay early is advantageous for many reasons, especially in peak travel seasons. If you are wanting to book a prime location at the best possible price, booking in advance can certainly help. Be sure to know the cancellation policies, so that if something comes up you have the option to cancel or re-book.
  • Understand the layout of your accommodations. While you may be expecting a villa that states to have multiple private sleeping areas, it may be counting the sofa in the living room because it also serves as a pullout couch. Travelling with another family and staying in a villa may be an ideal holiday for you, but one thing that can sorely disappoint is if you don’t understand the accommodation’s layout. Be sure to review the photos of your desired villa and if there aren’t photos, that should serve as a warning.
  • Read reviews: Read what other travelers have to say about your desired destination. Look for more recent reviews as condition certainly changes as the reviews age. 

Villas are a great way to experience Greece, but be sure to do your research before you go. Make sure the owner or rental company is reputable. Villas are a wonderful option for experiences like weddings or other special life milestone events. They can be a great place to gather family and friends in a more private setting and offer you the opportunity to entertain guests as if you are hosting a party at your own home.

Don’t let a poor choice in where you stay spoil the beauty of your holiday in Greece. 

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