How to Order the Correct Sized Rug for Your Space


Most interior designers would advise to always start with the rug when decorating a room. The strong individual characteristics and the unique vibrant patterns of every rug make them an ideal centerpiece for any room inside your home. Finding the ideal sized rug for every type of room is just as important as choosing the right style and color combinations. Here are some tips and reminders that you should think about when ordering the correct sized rug for your space.

  1. What is your goal for decorating your home with rugs?

While you should always be mindful of the patterns and color combinations that match well with the setup of the room, it is also important to determine your goal in decorating the room. Currently, there are two popular styles most interior designers would recommend to their clients; the open-concept and the unifying style. If you want to highlight every piece of furniture and decoration, then putting multiple small area rugs will be the perfect option. If you want to integrate several pieces of furniture into a more cohesive look, then a large area rug is the ideal choice.

  1. Determine the floor area and the appropriate shape of the rug.

The most accurate way of finding the right sized rug for your space is to take note of the floor’s dimension. It is also important to take note of the extent of the area that you plan to cover with a rug. The shape of a rug is also an important consideration too. Round dining tables are best paired with rounded rugs. On the other hand, bedrooms, living rooms, and study areas should look more classy and formal with rectangular and square rugs.

  1. Which rug should I order for a specific type of room?

Living Room

Because of the many ways in which you can decorate a living room, you can experiment with a variety of styles before selecting the one that suits your tastes. If you have a big room space, you can place all the chairs and sofas, the center table, and other decorations over a large single rug (standard sizes: 270 cm by 360 cm, 330 cm by 420 cm). If the pieces of furniture are leaning against the wall, choose a medium-sized rug (330 cm by 420 cm) to cover the length or the sofa with only the front legs touching the rug. Smaller spaces are best decorated with a single rug that is just the right size for the center table (120 cm by 180 cm or 150 cm by 210 cm).

Dining Room

Most dining rooms should look great with all the chairs and the dining table placed within the borders of the rug. Remember to provide at least a 60-centimeter allowance to keep the chairs in place even when they are pushed back (240 cm by 300 cm, 270 cm by 360 cm).


You can place all pieces of furniture on one side or distribute them evenly on both sides to provide an open space for a long central runner. Hallway runners come in standard sizes of 75 cm by 240 cm and 90 cm by 360 cm.


For the bedroom, you may use a couple of runners on both sides of the bed and add another runner along its foot (75 cm by 240 cm, 90 cm by 150 cm). Large rugs are more commonly used to cover the area under the bed from the headrest to beyond the footrest, and along its sides. You may either leave a 90-centimeter extension along the foot of the bed or keep the area clear from any obstacles.

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