How to pick which shape of eyebrows is best for you

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Brows have become the beauty obsession of the decade. They are given much significance, that many women can’t step out without grooming their brows. Truth be told, our eyebrows say a lot about us because they also serve as silent communicators.

They can either make or break our overall look. Just like in anything, there is no one-size-fits-all in shaping the brows. There is the right technique when it comes to grooming and shaping them. The perfect angle, width, and thickness will depend on the shape of your face. Read on to get ideas on how to pick the best shape for your eyebrows.

Round face

A round face has almost the same width and length. People with a round face also have wide cheeks and rounded chin so the goal is to make the face appear longer. A good work-around is to create more vertical lines as possible. You can go for a hard or soft angled brow and “S” shaped brows. An arch pointing upward will give definition and sharpness to a round face. Avoid flat and rounded shapes.

Oval shape

As an ideal face shape, oval is the easiest to manage among all face shapes. An oval face features an equal width and length with prominent rounded cheeks. There is no need for too much shaping. The only thing you need to do is to maintain a well-proportioned face. Given that, a classic soft-angled balanced brow is enough. If you want to draw more attention to your eyes, there is no problem in going for a full brow.

Heart shape

Characterized by pointy chin and prominent forehead, a heart shaped face needs some softening or balancing. Round curved brows with added volume can do the magic. Rounded brows also look great for heavier eye looks. Just remember not to fill the strands with too much brow pencil to avoid emphasis on the forehead.

Square face

Like the round shape face, a square face is usually very equal in regards to the length and width. However, the jawline is strong and the chin is either flat or noticeably square. The fix to make it appear less boxy is to have accented or highlighted arched brows. Angle your brows to draw attention away from other strong features. An “S” shaped brow will also look good on you. Never go for flat or round brows.

Long face

People with a long face tend to have a prominent chin and horizontal features. To make the face look shorter, keep the eyebrows flat. A flat brow is normally characterized by prominently groomed strands. This can give a slightly more oval look. You can also keep the arch pointing downward or make the brow shorter to achieve a fuller look.

Have you found the golden arches that will match your face shape? Just a tip, work slowly with tweezers if you want to change the shape of your brows to avoid over-plucking them. With perfectly groomed brows, you can improve your entire face symmetry and step out with more confidence!

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