Nursing: A Career Path That Will Change Your Life

There is likely no better feeling than the feeling when you know you’ve helped someone out – someone who has truly needed it, mind you! That’s the feeling that nurses get – a lot.If you want to change career, or are unsatisfied with your current role, or even if you are just ┬ástarting out in the big wide world – getting into nursing could be the best decision you ever make.

Why? Well although nursing is not a guaranteed job – there is a big, big demand for nurses. What does that mean? It means that the job market is actively looking for people to become nurses which also means that the opportunities on offer are plentiful. There are not many career paths like this. Nurses also make a fair bit of money. While they are not paid what they deserve to be paid – they still make good cash, and if that is what motivates you, nursing is good for it. It’s hard work, though, you’ll need to earn that paycheck! We already said that ‘feeling of helping’ – but nurses do make massive differences in people’s lives and they do really help out. While saving lives daily might not be the day-to-day role, nurses can make positive impacts in many ways. There might not be a career path that is as satisfying as nursing.

Nursing career



How can you be a nurse? Well, you need to train. Ideally, you’ll go through college or university with a dedicated degree, but there are plenty of fast-track programs available to get you trained up. It doesn’t end there, though – establishments like Our Lady of the Lake College can offer opportunities for further development and progression in the field. Nurses aren’t limited to working in hospitals and practices, though – they can be paid to care for people at home, work in schools or even in the government! This isn’t something that is limited to wearing scrubs.

The reason why nurses earn a pretty penny is because of their hard work and flexibility. In hospitals, it will be dedicated nurses who run the show and provide day-to-day care. In end of life units, nurses can make such an extreme difference to the wellbeing of terminal patients. Nurses will work around the clock, with probably half a day at the grind being clocked up. It’s a lot of work, but it’s work with a point to it – not many people have that luxury.

career path to nursing


Nursing comes with some huge benefits. On a daily basis you’ll be exposed to the brightest minds in healthcare – so you will pick up advice, tips and career help. Nursing is also a solid foundation for any higher career in a medical field. There is also ample room for specialization as nursing will allow you to work in many different specialized departments to suit your skills and interests. What’s more – as a nurse, you will only need your skills, which can be taken worldwide. A qualified nurse can find work in any country across the globe and even charity work with NGO’s. If you want to see the world, you’ll have that option as a nurse.


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