Building an Outdoor Office Space


Working at home can be distracting. Whether there are family members disturbing you or it is just harder to motivate yourself when in your home surroundings, the best option is to have an office space that is outdoors and separate to your home.

If you already have a garage or outdoor building that could be converted, then you’re off to a perfect start. However, you can also get an outdoor building built for quite a reasonable amount of money. While you might think this is an unnecessary cost if you already have ample space to set up an office in the house, the increase in productivity will ensure your new outside office was completely worthwhile.

Not only does this mean you can leave your work behind you once you come back into your house, but you can also customize the new space to your needs and exactly how you would like it. One of the biggest problems that people who work from home have is being able to get their work-life balance right, sometimes interfering with your relationships and friendships. From always answering emails on your smartphone, to taking business calls while you are out for a meal, these are common problems that can cause some big issues for your home life. A separate office will provide a boundary, meaning you never overstep for the sake of your loved one.

By setting up an outdoor space, you won’t have to pay the rent of using someone else’s premises, and you won’t have any commuting time while being able to separate your work life from your home life.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. You will require an electricity supply, a simple lighting solution such as high bay lighting, furniture and the other equipment normally associated with an office like a laptop, printer, etc. If you want to completely separate your office from your house, then set up a small fridge and kitchen facility to stop you from needing to pop back into the house for a drink.

If you don’t have the luxury of being able to use or build a new outdoor office space, then you should look to make an office in the home. Make sure not to pick an area facing noisy traffic, or where the noise of the washing machine and tumble dryer can be heard when in use.

When decorating, the more professional and less casual you make your office look, the more productive you will find yourself being. For example, including a TV would tempt you to have it on as background noise, which will counteract your productivity.

You also need to ensure your office is as comfortable as possible due to the number of hours spent there. Don’t try and save money on a chair as protecting your posture is very important. Make sure to set up your desk appropriately with computer screens at eye-level, and that your chair is correctly adjusted so you do not find yourself crouching over your keyboard and screen.

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