Looking for a Career? 5 Reasons to Become a Respiratory Therapist

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When looking for a career, of course money is an important factor. However, there are other aspects of what you should be looking for because a career is something you will hopefully be doing for the rest of your life. What do you personally want from a career? Are you looking for prestige? A good income? Something exciting that will give you new challenges every day? Perhaps you’d like to think about getting an online respiratory therapy degree from a school like the University of Cincinnati. You can have all of the above and so much more with a bachelor in respiratory therapy degree. Here are five reasons to become a respiratory therapist that will help you see just how important a degree like this really can be for your future.

1. Better than Average Rate of Pay

Statistically, a person with a bachelor’s degree averages approximately $50,556 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, while those who completed a bachelor in respiratory therapy program earned a median wage of $56,260. That’s more than 10% higher than the average of ten differing BS degrees in anything from communications to technology.

2. Career with a Future

With a shortage in medical personnel across the board, you can be assured of a job with a future in healthcare. This is a career path that can take you up the ladder to a salary greater than $74,000 a year in no time at all. In fact, as time goes on and demand far outweighs supply in terms of medical personnel, this projection may even get higher than that. Some positions as a respiratory therapist may even approach the six figure bracket within a few short years.

3. Regular Paid Holidays, Sick Days and Vacations

When you work in a hospital or clinical setting, the one thing you can be sure of is the fact that you will get regular paid personal days off, holidays and vacation days. Some hospitals allow their respiratory therapists to roll over days they haven’t used each year, while others require you to use them in a specific amount of time.

4. Benefits in Most Settings

Also, most hospitals and clinics offer their respiratory therapists a wide range of benefits, including 401k and other types of retirement funds that will help them live a better quality of life in their senior years.

5. A Job that Makes a Difference in the Lives of Others

Finally, if you are looking for an altruistic purpose in choosing your life’s vocation, a respiratory therapist can make a huge difference in the lives of others. There is almost nothing worse than the inability to breathe and unless oxygen is flowing freely, there is little a person can do. Giving breathing treatments and helping others to understand how to keep their airways open in between sessions actually gives the gift of life to some who would otherwise still be gasping for breath.

These are just five of many reasons why you might want to pursue a career as a respiratory therapist, but no matter why you are considering this type of work, know that it is a job with a secure future, good earnings and the potential to do something wonderful for others.

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