Life Is Better In Flip Flops: Saving Cash For Your Summer Vacation

saving for a vacation

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Your summer vacation is always one of the high points of the year. Traveling to a new place, enjoying the sites and touring fun attractions- plus there’s the build up to it which is always exciting. Having something to look forward to can really motivate you and make those early mornings getting up for work worthwhile. The only problem is, vacations don’t come cheap. If you’ve decided on a destination and booked the actual trip that’s only one part of the puzzle. You also have clothes, travel to and from the airport, spending money and other expenses to cover. If you’re looking for some ways to raise cash for this kind of thing in anticipation of your summer vacation, here’s how you can go about it.


Utilize Social Media

There are a ton of simple ways to save money on social media. Follow your favorite brands on Twitter to be the first to hear about sales and discounts. The perfect way to buy clothes and other essentials for your trip without paying full price. Follow other bargain hunters and search sales and discounts hashtags to snag some great deals.

Make Money On The Side

Even if you already have a full-time job, a side hustle can help you raise a little extra money in your free time. Things like blogging, freelance writing, and design can be done from home, so if you have the right skills take full advantage! There are plenty of sites for freelancers you can sign up for and start bidding on jobs.

save for a trip

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Sell What You Don’t Need

Selling the old to buy the new makes sense. After all, why have old things sitting around you no longer need or use? You can sell old technology like phones, laptops, and tablets online or on eBay. You can sell clothes you don’t wear but are still in good condition on apps like Depop. You could even list things on classified websites. Every penny helps, and you’ll raise cash for your holiday essentials to use and enjoy while you’re away and over the rest of the summer too.

Start a Change Jar

Ever find yourself with jingling pockets at the end of the day? If you put all of this change into a jar, it can quickly add up. There’s a good few weeks until the summer yet, so you have plenty of time for it to mount up. Once your jar is full, take it to the bank who will swap it for much more convenient notes. You can use this towards your spending money, or to buy anything else that you need. If you need to save up a little more quickly, set up online banking and open an additional savings account. Every time you get paid you could transfer some money straight over to the other account.

Where are you off on vacation or traveling to this summer? Will you be using any of these tips to help save some cash?

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