Ooh La La: Turn Your Home Into A French Boudoir

If you’re trying to think of an incredible new theme for your home, you may have come across the French Boudoir style that so many are loving lately. This style is perfect for those who want their home to look both luxurious and glamorous!

Include Plush Furniture Pieces

French boudoir style decor always uses plush furniture pieces. These pieces are usually filled with intricate details and things that you would usually find in a French home or furniture store. Although you don’t necessarily need to make sure all of your furniture is labelled as ‘French’, making sure it is luxurious and comfortable is a must. You can see all kinds of inspirational pieces on sites like thelongeststay.com. Make sure you plan your rooms before going ahead and buying any furniture, or you may end up regretting some of your decisions later on down the line.

make a home boudior


Use Metallic Items And Accessories

Metallic items and accessories are huge in French boudoir style rooms. Silver and gold can be used together, or you can select one. If you don’t have the cash to splash out on solid, vintage pieces, you can easily upcycle old items yourself to give them the right look. It isn’t hard to buy a can of gold spray paint and get to work!

Try French Floral Wallpaper

French floral wallpaper will make an incredible addition to your French boudoir style home. You could use it on one wall as a feature wall, or all over to incorporate some detail and interest.




Layer Up Your Bed

French style beds are always styled to high heavens. They usually have a plush, statement headboard, along with many different cushions and throws to make it look as cozy as a cloud. You could also potentially use floral sheets, or textured, silky sheets to get that luxury French feel.

Add A Chandelier

A chandelier is a must if you’re trying to get the French boudoir look in your home. You don’t have to have one in every single room, but having one in the dining/living room and bedroom will help to keep the theme going through the house. You can find lots of stylish pendant lights that will work too.

Use Plenty Of French Style Mirrors

French style mirrors are another must if you’re looking to create this style. Make sure you have them in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and any other room you usually find a mirror. In the bedroom, it could be a good idea to incorporate a dressing table complete with French mirror for even more luxury and glamor.

Go With The Right Colors

There’s no strict color scheme if you want to create this style, but choosing your color scheme carefully is still important. You can use vintage, pastel colors such as green and pink if you want a little color. You can use black and white. You can even use shades of grey, white, and silver. As long as they look expensive and glamorous, then it really doesn’t matter.

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