Make Your Guests Feel At Home: Converting Your Garage Into A Guest Room

Have you ever thought that you could do with some extra space to put up friends and family members that like to stay over when they visit? Well, then you should consider converting your garage space into a guest room, where they will feel right at home!


Of course, garages are not designed and built for human habitation so you will have to make some changes to bring it up to standard. The first of one of these needs to be to insulate the space, so it is warm enough at night for your visitors.

Remember, no one will want to stay if they are freezing their toes off! To do this consider something like foil or quilt insulation to help keep more heat in.


Of course, they won’t want to be in the dark either, so that means you will need to get some electrical sockets installed by professionals like Mr Switch Electrical in the new guest room as well.

This will make it more comfortable and practical, for you guests, as they will be able to have lights on. As well as plug in a heater if they need it, or charge their phone. Without which they may only spend the smallest amount of time, they can in there.



Most garages are built primarily from bricks or breeze blocks. Super protical materials that they are. But they don’t exactly say comfort or luxury. So they aren’t really suitable for the inside of your guest room!

To get around this make sure that you install partition boards and then plaster over them to give it the right feel. You can then paint or paper over this as you see fit. Although it’s usually a good idea to keep guest rooms looking fairly neutral.


Most garages are built without windows, so this is something that you need to consider careful when completing your conversion. Yes, it can be time consuming and expensive to install windows where there were previously none. But how comfortable are your guests going to be in a small box with no natural light at all? If anyone you know is claustrophobic, then it’s a big no-no, and they simply won’t stay.


Now, something else you will need to carefully think about when converting your garage to a guest room is toilet and washing facilities. Of course, not all guest rooms have ensuites. But because the garage is usually outside of the main properly it may be necessary to install one.

Just think, would you stay in a guest room, where you had to let yourself in through the front door of the main property? Then climb the stairs to the faculties every time you needed to use them? Probably not.


Once the structural and utility issue is of the way, then you can focus on the interior decor and making the room as comfortable as possible.

A great way of doing this is to lay soft carpet with a thick underlay. Not only will this look and feel amazing on your guest’s feet. But it will also help to insulate the room from the concrete floors, which are usual in garages and can be very cold.


No guest room, even if it did start out as a garage, is complete without a good bed. If you are looking to put up family or friend for a longer period of time say four days to a week or over? Then it’s most definitely worth investing in a divan in the biggest size you can afford.

Steer clear of futons as they are really no different to sleeping on the couch in your living room anyway. So just defeats the purpose of the whole project! Bedframe are usually not that robust either and can creak when folks turn over in their sleep, so are also best avoided.


Another element to your conversion that you can add to make your guest feel more at home is plenty of storage. A wardrobe complete with hangers and a chest of draws should be enough.

This will allow your guest to unpack their clothes and bags and not live out of a suitcase for the entire time of their stay. Which is not very relaxing and homely at all.


Lastly, a word on decor in your guestroom conversion. To get away from that garage feel it best to go for luxury textures and fabrics like fake fur, heavy threaded cotton, and satin.

It can also be useful to provide plenty of throws and quilts in rich coordinating materials. Just in case it does get a little cold in there at night despite the insulation.

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