A Healthcare Administration Degree Offers Flexible Career Opportunities


A career in healthcare allows you to enjoy rewarding work and carry out a vital role in society. While common public facing roles like doctors and nurses often spring to mind when healthcare jobs are mentioned, there are plenty of other roles within a healthcare setting that are crucial to the smooth running of the entire system.  If you haven’t considered a career in health care because the thought of providing clinical services to patients doesn’t appeal to you, then you might be interested to learn about the behind-the-scenes opportunities available in healthcare management and administration.

Healthcare is a Growing Industry

Throughout the developed world, the baby-boomer population is aging. This older population has a longer life expectancy than ever before, but those extra years aren’t always spent in robust good health. This means that the healthcare industry is in no danger of shrinking in the coming years; making a career in healthcare a very safe choice when it comes to your long-term employment prospects.

Other industries aren’t expected to fare as well as healthcare, so it’s important to take future employment trends into consideration before you make a final decision about any degree course.  

You Can Take On Varied Roles

With a masters degree in healthcare administration (MHA) you can undertake many roles in a healthcare setting. For those who enjoy working on the frontline of healthcare delivery you can opt to work in hospital management, residential care home management, or you could choose to manage a group physician’s office.

Behind the scenes, a degree in healthcare administration could see you running a diagnostic laboratory, managing a company’s health insurance program, or even working in government departments to develop healthcare policies.

You Can Earn a Good Salary

With a masters in healthcare administration you will be able to earn a very good income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for medical and health services managers in 2015 was $94,500 per year. The BLS also estimates that this category of occupation will grow by 17% between now and 2024—a much higher growth rate than the average for all occupations.

Obtaining Your Healthcare Administration Degree

There are typically two routes that you can take to obtain the MHA degree that you need. You can attend a traditional college, or you can study through an online MHA program and obtain your online master of healthcare administration in strategy and innovation degree in your own time and from the comfort of your own home.

Taking an online degree means that you can continue with your current work, which makes a obtaining a degree in later life a more realistic option for most people who already have financial obligations that they can’t abandon in order to go to school.

A career in healthcare administration is a great choice. As a qualified professional, you will enjoy a superb salary, and you will be able to find employment throughout the country should you decide to move to a new city in the future.


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