The Big Bad Guide To A Whole New You

You have probably heard the saying ‘new year, new me’ thousands of times. You’ve seen all the fitness DVD’s hawked out by celebs on a yearly basis. You’ve seen diet fads come and go.

But you might be feeling the same way about your body and mind as you were a number of years ago. You may have stagnated and felt frustrated that you were unable to latch onto the fads that have helped so many.

But this is all temporary, from now onward, you’re going to start building a better you – every single day at a time.

There’s one small promise you have to keep, though – you don’t have to push yourself to the limit every single day, but you do have to do one more small thing.

Never have a ‘zero’ day ever, ever again.

What’s that? Well a thread started up on the internet hub, Reddit, about motivation and what followed was downright inspirational:

‘Rule numero uno – There are no more zero days. What’s a zero day? A zero day is when you don’t do a single thing towards whatever dream or goal or want or whatever that you got going on. No more zeros. I’m not saying you gotta bust an essay out everyday, that’s not the point. The point I’m trying to make is that you have to make yourself, promise yourself, that the new SYSTEM you live in is a NON-ZERO system.’

1. No More Zero Days

Promise yourself that you will do one thing every day that takes you one step closer to your goal(s)

2. Be Grateful To The Three “You”s

Past Self: Thank your past self for the favors they did for you

Present Self: Do your future self a favor – they deserve it!

Future Self: Your absolute best friend, and a great person.

3. Forgive Yourself

It’s okay to mess up. Forgive your past self, and be a better friend for your future self.

4. Exercise and Books

Get your heart rate up and try to read when you can. Also, the easiest way to avoid a Zero Day!’

The above is a great guide to improving your life because it’s so simple. Just do something every day that is going to push you in the right direction. It could be reading a book instead of catching up with reality TV, or it could be putting the cookie down and grabbing the celery sticks. It’s that simple.

But now, now it’s time to talk business. We’ll break down every single aspect of building a new you, from exercise right through to how you treat your cash.

We’ll start with the sweat

Exercise is the key to getting healthy, while you don’t need to pump iron like Arnie, you should try to at least push your body in the right direction. The simplest way to start is by doing ten sit-ups and push-ups the second you wake up. This will energize your body to start your day off right, and it will also help you build some basic strength so when the real exercise comes, you won’t find it too difficult to start off!

While you can exercise, and you should, at home – you may also want to sign up to a gym. Gyms offer the right environment and community for you to take the next step with your fitness program. Get the right gear, and work hard. You should be doing repeated reps and sets of certain exercises. Short, sharp bursts of these sets are better than testing your endurance. If you fancy exercising at home, you can buy treadmills, weights and exercise bikes for your house.

the new you


Exercise should be a daily task if you want to do well with it, but if you achieve a few hours a week of activity, you’ll be on the right path. If you are at the gym every day, work different muscles, so you don’t burn out. Change your routines up and find what works for you.

You can’t put too many demands on your body. Our bodies are leaving breathing things and need care as well as nourishment. They are not to be pushed to the limit each and every single day. Fighting too hard for your fitness goals can have some seriously dangerous consequences. Stick to your routine and if it hurts you, stop and speak to a medical professional before continuing. If you do hurt yourself, you’ll lose the progress you’ve tried so hard to build up.

Your diet is the other side of the exercise coin – if you eat well and exercise well, you’ll be making great progress.

There are plenty of bad tasting healthy foods, which is why many are put off, especially when they make your pee and breath smell – there’s a handy list of foods that do just that here – but all the best things in life come with some sort of sacrifice, right?



The changes to your diet do not need to be madly overwhelming; you just need to start. Cut out meats that are processed and other processed foods (i.e., most microwave meals). These foods simply can’t be broken down well by our bodies and anything that isn’t ‘fresh’ needs to stay away from your diet. Stick to chicken, turkey, fish and vegetables for a great starting platform.

Make sure you fuel your body with plenty of water throughout the day and try to avoid sugary, and diet sodas – these are harmful, more than you likely know and are a detriment to your drive for better health. You’ll notice the benefits right away.

Even if your body is strong, anxiety and mental health issues can be a crippling experience and worst of all, the pangs of anxiety or depression can strike at any moment.

Mental health, for whatever reason, is not viewed with the same respect as physical health – despite coming under the bracket of health in general. Mental health issues from stress to anxiety can take control of you and be very hard to let go of. What’s more, people who are suffering are less likely to speak about their issues – to a doctor or a friend.

Stress can appear at any time – you might be struggling with a deadline or a heaving workload. You might worry about your health, money or your family. You might have triggers like crowding on the subway, loud noises or leaving your home.

It’s important to speak to a medical professional if you are experiencing mental health issues as treatment is widespread and readily available, from CBT to medication and therapy, there are plenty of options out there for you.

If you are stressed out, it’s important to take a step back and relax. Worrying can cause so much harm, so find the time to relax and bring yourself back to reality.

If you can run a 5k, are eating well and in a good state of mind, there might only be one more thing that is holding you back – money.

Are financial health is so important because even if we are in great health, it’s our money that actually does things for us. There are plenty of ways you can improve you can improve your financial health, but you’ll need to start being frugal. Spend less than you earn, no matter how much you earn, and you’ll develop an excess that you can save up.

If you are an impulse buyer, this is a dangerous attitude and could lead to a large scale waste of money. We all like to enjoy our lives and cash, but there needs to be a limit – as with all things. Cut down your spending, make a budget and find areas in which you can trim your expenses to grow your excess can save money. There is plenty of help on offer to help you save cash.

It’s important to be sensible money and not buy things you cannot afford. This is a common side effect of money options like loans and credit cards. These tools have high interest rates and can trap you in a perpetual circle of debt. It’s easier to spend money on a credit card, so be careful.

a new you guide


With your spending, you should make sure you question every purchase you make with your wallet. Do you actually need it and can you fully afford it? Is it necessary and is there a reason for it? If it fails these basic checks, then it’s likely that you don’t need it at all and can go without spending the cash on it. Saving and spending should always be done with one eye on the future.

And that pretty much goes for everything. It’s important to think about the present and the future, like the concept of zero days – eating well, exercising and saving is a gift to a future self. The person you want to be and day by day, you can achieve that.

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