5 Skills That All Employers Want To See

If you are currently out there looking for work every day, you might sometimes feel that the whole process can be more than a little exhausting. The truth is, everyone feels this way when it comes to job hunting, and not knowing how long you are going to be doing it for makes it even more painful. Of course, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your chances are massively increased, and it is worth bearing those in mind. One of your main areas of focus should be on those skills which all employers are looking for, regardless of industry or role type. These transferable skills are powerful to have because they ensure that you are a more attractive prospect to every employer you come into contact with, not just a few in a choice area of employment. Let’s take a look at some of those essential skills, and discuss briefly how you might bring them about in yourself if you feel you are currently lacking.

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It doesn’t matter if you are going for a relatively subservient role; there is always room for progression, and your employer will want to know that you are someone they might be able to consider for this progression. Therefore, having strong leadership qualities is likely to prove really important. As long as you are able to lead at least a small group of people, you will find that employers are much more likely to show a keen interest in you. After all, this is something that makes you look very attractive, no matter what the role you are going for might be. If you think that you might need to work on your leadership skills, there are fortunately countless courses out there for practising this very thing. Take a look and see if you can enrol today – it just might make the world of difference.

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Customer Service

All businesses have customers of one kind or another. Without the customer, there is no business to speak of, and that’s why all companies need to have a strong focus on their customer service. This is something that employers will look for, therefore, in their potential candidates. No matter what role you are going for – even if it won’t be very customer-facing – chances are there will be occasions when you will need to speak to customers. Showing that you have strong customer service skills and a polite attitude is always likely to put you in a good position when it comes to increasing your chances of employment. So make sure that you include this on your CV – and show that it is true by being polite and professional in your manners.


Something else that every employer is likely to find valuable is an employee who has keen skills in administration. Again, this is something that all businesses have a need for, so if you are able to display that you know what you are doing in terms of business administration then you are likely to be putting yourself in a much better position. This can be a difficult thing to display, harder than something more overt and obvious like confidence. However, there are ways that you can get concrete evidence for your administrative skills. You could consider getting an online business administration bachelor’s degree, for example. This is a great way of showing without any doubt that you have these skills, and your prospective employers are likely to be suitably impressed.

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Time is one of the most important resources there are, particularly in the world of business. You can’t ever get time back, so the ability to make good use of it is always going to be a powerful and important thing. For better timekeeping, you need to ensure that you at the very least show up on time for all interviews or meetings with your prospective employers. This is the best way of showing that you are punctual, but other than that it is a simple matter of selling this aspect of yourself through your speech. If you manage to, you will find that those employers are much more impressed with you than they would be otherwise.

Literacy & Numeracy

Finally, it might sound basic, but it is something which a surprising number of people lack, and if you can show expertise in this area it is likely to bode well for you in the long run. Employers are keen to see that you have a sharp mind, and this is the best way to prove it. Many companies today actually hold tests to check that you are proficient in these areas, so it is worthwhile brushing up on your skills before any interviews.

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