Fill Your Home With These Things To Bring You Happiness And Energy

fill your home with energy

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Home is where the heart is, so it needs to make us feel great when we spend time in it. It isn’t just about painting it a color you like, or making sure you choose the comfiest sofa known to man – it’s the little things that count. Small, finishing touches make a house a home, and give it a sense of being personal to you. It can also help to feed you positive emotions, energy, and a sense of safety, so it’s important to get the little things right. Here are five things that you might want to include in your home, if you haven’t already.


Filling a room with plants gives it immediate energy, while also adding color and a softness in a way that nothing else can. They can even help to filter the air, bringing more oxygen into your home and removing foul smells and carbon dioxide, so your home fills you with energy and positivity. Different plants in each room can help to effect the feel of the room. For example, lavender and aloe in the bedroom are great for helping you drift off to sleep, and large-leaved, spiky yucca plants in the living room are vibrant and full of energy. And of course, you need potted herbs in the kitchen for cooking and smelling great.

fill your home with energy

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A dingy home brings no energy and no joy to the people that live there. We need natural light to lift our spirits and give us a kick up the butt to get on with our day. Trash the heavy, dark curtains and replace them with huge, billowy white curtains to bring movement, peacefulness, and brightness to the room. All your plants are going to need all the natural light you can get them. But in the evenings, small lamps, candles, and dimmer switches will enable you to turn your home into a relaxing, cozy den for chilling out.

bring energy in your home

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A bright home, full of natural light, looks great with plants and white walls, but a splash of color always helps. A feature wall of bright colors can really contribute to bringing the room together and give it a sense of modern elegance, and it’ll help to boost your mood too. The general rule is to avoid reds as they aren’t very relaxing, but a residential interior painting consultant will be able to help you better choose what will suit your home. Color can also be brought in by using rugs, artwork, and other soft furnishings – just play around and see what works for you.


A family home needs photos of lovely memories and fun times. Choose cute or stylish frames which work with your decor, and fill your home with the photographs that make you happy. You don’t live in a show home, so make it personal to you and your family – after all, they’re the best for making you feel happy.

Try to keep the clutter to a minimum, but fill your home with things which bring you energy and happiness, let the light in, and don’t forget that plants are your best friends.

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