Raise Your Cooking Game With These Kitchen Must Haves

Whether you have been cooking for years or are relatively new to it, it’s safe to say that there is always something new on the cooking scene. Just like in fashion, food goes through trends, especially when it comes to healthy eating. After all, you must have been living under a rock to avoid the most recent food trend of spiralizing – making ‘pasta’ out of spiralized vegetables. Some people will consider the machine used to create this low carb alternative with as a kitchen must have – while others will scoff at it. But, there is no denying that there are certain kitchen implements that no self respecting chef should do without. These are creations invented to make our experience of cooking at home easier and more fun all in one – take a look at our picks of the best below.

kitchen must haves

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A wok

Call yourself a home cook and don’t have a wok? That’s something that needs to change! If you are a fan of Asian flavors in any way -whether it’s a rich creamy Indian korma, or a sharp and tangy Chinese stir fry – you need to have a wok in your kitchen. Woks have a high heat retention, much more so than regular frying pans. So, you can cook food at a much higher heat but using less oil – something which makes for all-round healthier meals. Plus, it’s not just Asian food you can cook in woks. If you make a lot of pasta sauces or even huge batches of soup, try cooking it in your wok rather than a shallow pan. The steep sides will mean that your food doesn’t bubble over the top, causing a mess and sticking to the surface of your stove.

A professional meat cooker

Cooking meat correctly can be a bit of an art form. Sure, most of us are used to cooking meat safely, checking that there are no raw bits in the dish we are about to serve up. But getting a rich, smokey flavor to our meat is something that very few people attempt at home – usually because they consider it to be outside of their cooking abilities. In fact, it is incredibly easy to create this smokehouse style meat at home. All you need are the right kinds of spices and a great piece of kit. If you need help deciding what to get, try reading some unbiased masterbuilt electric smoker reviews.

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A juicer

If trying to be healthy is your thing and you’re not getting enough fruit into your diet (or your children’s diets), why not invest in a juicer? The juicer is becoming a staple of many family kitchens across the world, thanks to its convenience and versatility. Getting picky kids to eat well can always be a challenge, but blitzing some fruit in a juicer can be an easy way to get them their daily vitamins and minerals. Whether you make it with water or milk is up to you, but once you try juicing, you will wonder how you ever managed without this piece of kit before.

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