Making Money From Your Living Room

OK, so I may have a passing interest or two for the occasional side hustle, or way to make a little extra money. But a lot of them take a loads more time and hassle that you think they will at first. That made me get critical and think about the ways that you can make some money that are a little easier. Like sitting in your living room, easy! Read on to find out more.


A great way of making a little extra money is to sell stuff on eBay. “But that won’t work,” you say. “That means I have to get changes of out of my pajamas and go out of the house!” But, wait this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, you can often turn a decent profit by buying things online, even on eBay itself. Then you list them on your own site and sell them at a higher profit. “How to I do this,” you ask? Well, read on to find out.


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First of all, you have to know your market, do some research into what is selling at the moment, and how much particular items are going for. Then search eBay and other online retail platforms for these articles that are selling for less the going rate. Snap these up, get them delivered to your house, and ‘bingo bango’ you have your products to list on your own eBay site.

For a successful listing with the most chance of selling make sure that you have excellent photos with good lighting. Also, you can use tools such as ‘buy it now’ to increase the likelihood of a quick sale at a guaranteed price. As well as encouraging sales via the use of Ebay discount codes. Remember people love to think they are getting a bargain.

Survey sites

A top way to making money while sitting in your living room has to be using survey sites. These are websites set up for the specific purpose of market research. That means they gauge how certain people feel about a certain type of products and services. The companies that pay for the research then use this information to develop their products. Or guide the direction in which their companies will move in.

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The thing about completing surveys is that you don’t even have to sit on your computer to do it. You can just follow the links you get sent in your email on your mobile and sit there while your favorite show is on, and earn yourself some money. What could be easier than that?

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The only issue you may have is that not all survey site pays in cash. Some let you accrue points that go towards Amazon vouchers. Which for most people is quite useful, but may put some off. You also need to be aware that making a full time living from these sites isn’t exactly easy. But you can make a little extra pocket money for the two or three surveys you get sent a month.  

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