4 Setting Goals Tips That Helped Me Double My Income

setting goals to double income

Now that we are almost done with January, are you struggling with a way to make your goals a reality?  I’ve found a simple goal setting strategy that will help you get back on track.

As the New Year approaches, everyone starts their holiday goal setting with super motivation. As the year progresses, you might start doubting yourself and fall back into your old safe routine.

To avoid this, start by remembering the SMART goal setting strategies like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents recommends…

Specific: You define the who, what, where and when of your goal.

Measurable: You break your goal down into tangible metrics – dollars, customers, hours, etc.

Attainable:  You state your goal in such a way that you are in control of the outcome and take full responsibility for making it happen.

Realistic: You check in with your timeline and available resources to keep your goal realistic.

Time Dependent: You give your goal added urgency by imposing a deadline.

I start with this dependable method, but  I like to go beyond that.


Because I feel like there should be more to it for it to work and for you to stick to it.

Here are 4 goal tips that helped me double my income.

1. Set Goals that Motivate You

When you set goals for yourself, you need to make sure that they are important to you. If you don’t, you will have a hard time achieving them. If you have little or no interest in whether you achieve them, then the chances of making them work for you are slim. Motivation is the key to their success.

Try turning some of your goals into mini goals such as Emily from Morning Motivated Mom suggests. Set mini goals that relate to the high priorities in your life.

Goal achievement requires commitment, so for it to work, you need to feel a sense of  “I must do this” attitude. When this doesn’t happen, you risk putting off what you need to do to make the goal a success. This can lead to a feeling of disappointment and frustration.

We don’t want that!

2. Put  Goals in Writing

I should put this as the first tip because I cannot tell you how much this helps me. The physical act of writing down a goal makes it real and tangible. Make sure to leave your paper with your goals where you can see them every day. This gives you have no excuse for forgetting about it.

3. Make an Action Plan

Creating an action plan is often missed when setting a goal. Planning all the steps along the way by writing out the individual steps and then crossing each one off as you complete it. This makes you realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal.

4. Stick To It

Remember that goal setting is an ongoing activity. Keep reminders around to keep yourself on track, and review your goals. So as you struggle to stay motivated this New Year, set aside some time for big visions. Once you’ve identified your vision, you’ll be much better positioned to get your goals together that will help turn that dream into a reality.

setting goals to double income

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What goals did you set this year?

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