Forgotten Truths Of Renovating A Home That Could Guarantee You The Sale


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Renovating a property is an exciting prospect for a lot of people. Some wish they could renovate full time, while others like the idea of making a bit of extra money on the side from it. However, it isn’t just as simple as buying something that needs work, doing the work and selling it, all within budget and on time. For it to happen like that is few and far between because things don’t always go to plan, and sometimes there are aspects of renovating that the owner can simply forget or put to the back of their minds. It’s not about teaching you to renovate or do some DIY on a property. That is quite obvious and very much specific to your project, but there are some things some of us could be reminded of that could help you reach that goal of selling quickly, so you can move on to the next project.

Winter-proofing the home for future buyers

Any buyer looking round their potential new home is keeping their eyes out for the unique touches. This isn’t to do with decorating or how you present the property, these are the little details that have shown thought for the new owner. One of those things could be as simple as winter-proofing the property. For example, pipework is something that none of us have control of, but they are a vital part of the running of the property, so adding things like a heat cable for pipes could be the little touch that makes the difference. Equally, thinking about insulation and adding a programmable thermostat to a new heating system could all work in your favor. Just think about those little details that could make the difference.

Decorating it against your own personal tastes

One obvious point but sometimes can be easily forgotten is to let your design and creative ideas take over the part of your brain that makes informed decisions. Decorating to your taste may make the property look amazing, but would it appeal to the masses? This is the question to ask yourself. Play it safe and stick with designs that work.

Having certificates to warrant any work done

A lot of work is going to be taking place on any renovation project. That might be new wiring for electric, new appliances for gas and cooking, or even masonry repairs on older buildings. Having guarantees and certificates that warrant the work done gives peace of mind to any new buyer, and could be what seals the deal.

Take time in choosing your real estate agent

People buy from people they like, fact. So when it comes to selling an expensive asset of yours choose wisely. Ensure you get a good feeling from the agent and be happy with the work they are going to put in and how they come across.

Think about how the property flows

Finally, the property needs to flow well, so that each room follows on nicely from the other. This is from the design and build right through to the end result. Always think about every decision you make from a potential buyers perspective and you won’t go far wrong.
I hope this helps you sew up those final details when renovating a property for selling.

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