Heading Out of Town? Don’t Forget Your DNS – or Your Sunscreen


When planning to travel in the 21st Century, there are a lot of things on your ‘must have’ list. A passport to get you access to and from the country of your choice. Tickets and itinerary so you don’t get lost. Toiletries, so you’re always looking your best, even on the road.

In this age of technology, it’s also important to be prepared for whatever technological necessities arise. If a trip from the U.S.A to a country overseas is in your near future, then you would do well to understand the versatility and usefulness of having an American DNS.

What Does DNS do for You?

 Let’s face it: if you are traveling, you want everything to go smoothly. The last thing you want to do is encounter technological difficulties that delay you from the instant entertainment you’ve come to expect wherever you are around the world.

Even when away from home, everyone loves to watch their favorite movies, videos and TV shows and to listen to the music that they love. When you travel, using American DNS will give you access to anything that is streamed through the Internet (through such services as Hulu, Amazon, Spotify and more). 

How Does it Work?

Having DNS capabilities allows you the opportunity to access the entertainment you love. Using this service, you will open the doors to:

  • Channels being unlocked and unblocked, giving you access to your favorites wherever you are.
  • Bandwidth without limits, so that any TV show that is available is actually available to you.
  • No need to worry about sharing. Your DNS is your access, not to be shared with countless others who will slow down your service. Your DNS. Your speed
  • Versatility on nearly any device is virtually assured.
  • The same speed and stability you have at home with your cloud-based servers.

All of this adds up to uninterrupted service, wherever you are across the globe, whatever way you want to find entertainment. 

Don’t Let Travel Stop You

Just because you’ve decided to travel doesn’t mean that the movies and shows you like to watch at home should be left behind. When you’re preparing for your trip, think ahead and ensure your virtual entertainment is covered. Having a proxy server to stand in the gap between you and the server you normally access can help alleviate at least one travel frustration. Because unlike luggage, your DNS Proxy is one thing that can’t get lost. 

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