Kitchen Essentials That Will Give Your Food Something Special

It may not be possible to acquire those food based superpowers you’ve had your eye on, but it is possible to invite some power into your cooking. Updating your kitchen essentials is an excellent way to give your cooking a boost. There are so many gadgets and gizmos you can buy for your kitchen, but keeping it simple is the way forward. It’s no good having that top of the range blender come juicer if you haven’t got the essentials pegged. Here’s a guide to the kitchen equipment you may be overlooking. If you don’t have the best basics possible, no technological gadget will save your kitchen!



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We’ll start with saucepans because they’re a real priority. Buying cheap pans is never a good idea when it comes to good cooking. Cheap pans will burn your food and get a layer of muck stuck on the bottom of them after the first two or three uses. A good set will cost you, but they’ll also last you many years. By the time you’ve replaced your cheap set a few times, a more expensive set will have paid for itself! There are a few things you need to consider when selecting a suitable saucepan. Firstly, do you have space? Large pans are great, but they do use up a lot of cupboard space. Secondly, consider what type of hob you have. Whether you have gas or electric will play into your decision. Different pans are designed for particular hob types. Then you need to consider what material you’d like your pans made of. There are a few options, but whichever you pick, make sure it’s strong, hardy and can withstand heat. There are even glass saucepans designed for microwaves! Take a look around.


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Take as much time choosing your frying pans as you do your saucepans. Again, the cheap options just aren’t feasible. More Inexpensive frying pans have no non-stick ability, which will make even frying an egg an impossibility. When shopping for frying pans, look for non-stick ability above all. A frying pan without this is as good as useless at cooking most things. Also look for a frying pan that’s going to be durable. Teflon pans are always a safe bet, and they’re not too pricey either. Take a look at sites such as to get an idea of what’s available. Stone frying pans are naturally non-stick, and are about as durable as they come. A great frying pan would really finish your kitchen off!


Never underestimate the necessity of a good casserole dish. Having a good selection of casserole dishes is invaluable in any kitchen set up. It’ll amaze you how often these get used. It’s not just casseroles that they’re good for, either. You can cook all sorts of wonders in these babies! You can buy casserole dishes in a set, which means you’ll have various sizes for when you need them. And trust me, you will need them. A set of Pyrex dishes is always a safe choice. These glass dishes also look fantastic!


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A selection of chopping boards is essential in any serious kitchen. Take a look at to get an idea of special boards that are available. A wooden chopping board can look great on your kitchen side. You can buy specialized boards for cheese, meat, and pizza. For the chopping of vegetables, a plastic board is best. Having a variety of boards will help with health and safety in your home. Don’t chop your vegetables on a board that had raw meat cut on it the day before! We often forget health and safety in our own kitchens, but it’s still important!



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A beautiful dinner set won’t help make your food taste good, but it will help with the presentation. It’s important to make your food look appetizing, after all. A standard plate set may be okay for a family dinner, but it won’t quite cut it for a dinner party. Make sure you’ve got an impressive plate set in your cupboard. Do you want to throw a dinner party to remember? Great plates make great food better. Don’t spend hours preparing a meal, only to put no effort into your presentation. The way food looks is important. If it doesn’t look appetizing, it’ll be judged before it’s tasted. A good presentation can also hide many sins. Who’s going to notice the burnt edge when the plating looks so good?

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