Would You Ever Consider Permanent Makeup?

As incredible as makeup can be, there’s no denying that applying and removing it can be a hassle. If only there were a way of saving time and keeping your makeup in place with minimum effort. Well, now there is. Permanent makeup is a form or micro pigmentation, which makes it similar to tattooing. It holds the promise that you can wake up looking flawless by permanently applying makeup to your face. Popular options include eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner. While some claim permanent makeup has transformed their lives, others remain sceptical about it’s use. So is permanent makeup something you would ever consider? To help you decide, here are some things you should know.



It’s not entirely permanent

Despite it’s name, permanent makeup does not technically provide permanent results. Overtime, your eyeliner or eyebrows can fade due to the exposure your face experiences. Exfoliating, sun damage and even some skin care product can cause permanent makeup to fade. Even if you protect your eyebrows or lips, the colour can also fade due to ageing. To keep your permanent makeup looking fresh, you will need to maintain them. Ideally, this should be done every few years, but this can vary from person to person. So it’s important to consider whether you can afford regular touch-ups as well as the initial application before you commit.

It can be difficult to remove

Getting rid of permanent makeup completely is difficult as the colour is embedded into your skin. This can put you in a difficult situation if you are unhappy with your results. While laser removal is an option for body tattoos, it can often be unsafe to use around your eye area. This is because the laser can cause severe damage and affect your vision. There is also no guarantee that the laser will remove the makeup altogether either. It may only cause some fading.

To ensure you get the best results possible, you should always get your permanent makeup applied by a professional. Do your research into establishments which offer this service such as Belcara Health and look at examples of their work. You should also find out what qualifications the staff have and they type of ink they use.

Eyeliner is the most popular option

As the popularity of permanent makeup has risen, the range of options has become more extensive. Eyeliner is the most popular options, closely followed by eyebrows. But permanent makeup professionals are also able to offer full lip colour, blush and even eyeshadow to their clients. No matter what option you go for, it’s always best to go natural. You might enjoy wearing purple eyeliner on your date nights and to work at the moment. But will you in a few years time? Probably not. So be realistic with the colours you choose to ensure you get an outcome that you are happy with.

Now you know more about permanent makeup and what it involves, you should now know whether it could be right for you or not. If you think that it might be, don’t act impulsively and always use a skilled and trained professional.

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