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Fall is often accented with gloominess, but your outfit does not have to contribute to that! This time of year is among the best when it comes to style and it is fundamental to take full advantage of that. Like any season, though, there are outfits that work and ones that are best left for the back of the closet, and there are the perfect ways to add some pizzazz to autumn outfits that radiate the beauty of the season. So, ladies, leave the fashion mishaps to Halloween and take a look at what you should be wearing this season.

The Best in Show: Fall Dresses

Is there really ever a time when dresses do not work well? There might be, but fall is not that time. Countless dresses exist that work the best for a particular season, but the chilly warmth of autumn opens the door for a vast array of types, including:


In the 1970s, these were the most popular dresses, but they made a huge comeback in 2016 that will not soon fade out. The length is never intimidating regardless of the weather because the material tends to be breathable and lightweight, and the excess fabric makes them dressy for the holiday season. The simplicity of these dresses works well with any accessory, too.

Off the Shoulders

Contrary to popular belief, these dresses are not only for special events or nightclubs. In fact, the exposure of the shoulders reduces the chance of overheating for when the fall sun is still strong and the rest of the material is perfect if it is a tad chilly. Of course, incorporating a scarf will add a dynamic to the outfit that screams runway fabulous when you are simply strolling through the foliage or at the office.

Knee Length Skaters

Like maxis, these are perfect for really any season, but the dynamic they add to a fall outfit is difficult to rival. This time of year is definitely boot season, a shoe that goes perfectly for this length and flow much like apple crisp goes with vanilla ice cream. Essentially, this style adds that innocent element to an otherwise ominous season.

Do Not Be Fooled–Follow These Fall Dos!

Despite the free from flaw qualities that this season possesses, there are ways to make it more perfect with how you dress. Make sure to consider these tips September through December to get the most out of this unique season:

Match the Foliage

This is really the only time of year when you will not be held accountable for clashing with the background. The colors of this season are stunning and unlike any other, so who would not want to pay homage to that in their style? Stock up on burgundy, brown, beige, wine, squash, pumpkin, maroon, orange, and black colored attire and accessories.

Wear Boots

There is a right way and a wrong way to wear boots. Unfortunately, a mini denim skirt does not necessarily look well when paired with knee-highs, but any fall dress looks perfect with them. Consider thigh-high knit socks under knee-high boots, and a knee length, off the shoulder dress for the perfect fall outfit.

Scarf It Up

Admit it–you waited all year long for scarf season. Knit, infinity, or the pashmina are all excellent styles that add sophisticated elements to every outfit. Each dress style has a recommended scarf type, though.

  • Maxis: These look ideal when matched with infinity scarves simply because the dress is still the focus and the infinity is simply an accessory.
  • Off the shoulders: This style can be worn with any scarf.
  • Skaters: Depending on the sleeve, these work the best with either infinities or pashminas.

Don’t Fall Into These Traps: The Don’ts!

Few things can go wrong this magical time of year, but make sure whatever can will not by concentrating on these fall don’ts:

Hold onto Summer

Ladies, summer is over with and it is autumn’s turn to shine. Keep the dresses, but ditch the sandals, shorts, tanks, and floral summer patterns. Not only will holding onto these items guarantee that you will be constantly cold but you will be the center of attention, and not for the better.

Bundle Up

Just like wearing too little clothing is not ideal for fall, springing into winter by bundling up can detract from the season as well. This tends to be a transitional season that hangs in a balance of warmth and cold, so it is crucial to dress for that rather than either summer or the impending winter.

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This guest post contribution comes from Brooke Burnett of One Small Blonde, a Dallas fashion blog that covers fashion sense and great deals!

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