All You Need to Know About Throwing an Unforgettable Dinner Party

Now that the nights are drawing in and getting darker, it is, even more, appealing to stay in of an evening. There are things like the X-Factor to keep us company at the weekend. But it is fun to have people round over autumn and winter, instead of always going out. Staying in is the new going out, right?! So if you are having people round, one fun thing to do is to host a dinner party. What is better than good conversation over some delicious food and drink? Here are a few tips to make sure your dinner party is the best yet.



Plan Your Menu in Advance

In my opinion, it can be a little tricky to plan a fantastic menu off the cuff. You could always order in if it is a last minute party. But if you are planning ahead, then it is best to think about what you will be cooking. Then you have time to think about what your guests would like. Do they have any particular favourite foods or even any allergies? You can also play to your strengths and plan to cook any of your signature meals. A dinner party isn’t always the best time to try out something brand new. If you can practice, then great. If not, stick to what you know. Planning ahead will also let you plan how things will be cooked. If you need to get anything extra in, like one of the SteakStones Rock Ovens or a slow cooker, then you’ve given yourself time.

Set Your Table as Early as Possible

In my experience, the table setting can take a lot longer than you think it will. You want it to look stylish and have everything set out that you need. Then if anything is missing, you can grab a few last minute things. It might be nice to get some fresh flowers on the day or make a cute centrepiece for the middle of the table. Setting it in advance can help you to relax in the knowledge that all is set out. Then you just need to do the cooking.



Think About the Little Things

In order to throw an unforgettable dinner party, the devil is in the details. Think about some of the smaller things and your guests will remember it for a long time. Smaller details are things like place cards and perhaps menus. They are things like napkin rings and favours on the table. They don’t have to be fancy or cost a lot. All you would need is some cardstock and a calligraphy pen, and you’re all set. It will make the table look amazing; perfect for any Pinterest board!

You can’t have an awesome dinner party without something to drink. It is good to offer a variety, though, as not everyone will want to drink alcohol. Having some water in jugs or glass bottles is great for the table. Then some wine to compliment the meal or even some punch or homemade cocktails.

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