Back To School And Back To Normality: Repairing The Damage Of Summer Holidays


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The summer holidays are finally coming to an end. Putting the little ones into their new, ironed uniforms and sending them off to school with their book bag and a smile on their face. It’s not bad to feel a sense of relief at having the house to yourself again. The summer holidays are fun. Painting and getting finger marks up the walls. Leaving piles of toys about. Playing with mud in the garden and traipsing it through the house. Okay, maybe they’re more fun for the kids than us. They had a good time and it was worth it. But now’s the time to start getting your home and yourself back into a good state of repair. You have the time on your hands and little feet out of the way. Here are some top tips to getting everything back into order.


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Home Sweet Home

Chances are, your home isn’t as spick and span as it was before the holidays. No matter how neat, tidy and organised you are, it’s hard to maintain a show home while the kids are home all day every day. Get your marigolds on and give your humble abode a thorough clean. Bleach the floors, wash the carpet, beat the rugs. Wipe down the walls because there will definitely be some sticky fingerprints left here and there. Vacuum up glitter and shower down the bathtub. Put the toys away into their baskets and the books onto their shelves. Once everything is clean, you’ll feel much lighter and happier.


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Replace Broken Items

Kids break things. It’s to be expected. A football kicked into the house. A ball thrown and knocking over a plant pot or vase. It’s not the end of the world. But take this time to browse replacement items for anything that has been broken or lost over the summer. Take advantage of sales and savings. JC Penny are often known for their clothing, but they also have a great range of homeware. Visit sites such as Stylini for a JC Penny Coupon along with many other brilliant savings.


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Sit Back And Relax

Looking after energetic bundles of joy 24/7 is tiring. It will wear on you emotionally and physically. Once the school run is out of the way, sit back and relax for a bit. Cuddle up to your pet with a book. Catch up on TV series that you might have missed in order to watch reruns of kids TV shows. Watch a film. Have a hot drink. Whatever it is that will help you recuperate, do it and enjoy it. Make the most of the time between dropping the kids and picking them back up.

Treat Yourself

You probably haven’t had time to treat yourself for the past month or so. Money tends to go quickly on ice creams, days out, fun lunches, fun activities. Do a little shopping or meet your friends out for lunch. It’ll be fun and a great way to catch up now you all have a little room to breathe and chill out.

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