Is Ibotta a Scam? My Ibotta Review

make money at grocery store using ibotta

I have to say, I’m Ibotta obsessed! Ibotta is one of the best companies that pays you for your shopping. I’m very, very bad with trying to remember to clip coupons, let alone remembering to bring them. Ibotta has been a life savor (and super fun!)-I always have my phone on me, so I never forget!

You’re probably here wondering if Ibotta is a scam. I am here to tell you that it’s not and I have been using it for quite sometime now.

My Ibotta Review

I do a lot of side hustles online to make extra money, but the best thing about this app is it pays you for something you already do! Ibotta gives cash back on all your purchases that Ibotta is currently paying you to buy.

Let me show you why Ibotta is not a scam and a great way to make money while you shop!

What Is Ibotta

Ibotta is a mobile device app that pays you cash back on your in store purchases. You just go through the app to see what products are eligible for cash back and at what stores. I found out the hard way that not all products are eligible at all stores, so make sure you double check before buying. All you have to do is buy these items and then scan the barcodes and upload a picture of your receipt-that’s it! 

How Does Ibotta Work


1)[eafl id=4525 name=”ibotta” text=”Join Ibotta”]

Ibotta is super easy to join. Visit their website above or  download the app in your mobile app store and enter  Use my referral code, jygmxtn, and you can earn an extra $10 for joining!

2) Find your favorite products

Find the products you plan on buying in the product gallery. Click on the unlock button on each to unlock your rebates. This is usually a short video or ad. I unlock mine right before shopping, or even while shopping. Takes like 5 minutes!

3)Start your shopping trip

Of course you need to go to the store and pick up the products from the Ibotta app along with the other things on your list. (I suggest only going on your regular shopping day so you aren’t wasting gas).

4) Confirm Your Purchases

Ibotta will have to see proof of your purchases, so you will have to scan the barcodes. I noticed that some fruits don’t need to be scanned. Then, you need to upload a receipt of the purchases using the mobile app. Once you upload your receipt you will receive your rebate cash!

How Does Ibotta Pay You?

Join ibotta for free cash

Ibotta pays by PayPal, Venmo, and gift cards. There is a $20 minimum cash out amount, but when you reach $20 you can get paid at anytime. I find that it adds up quickly with big rebates and bonuses.

Did They Scam Me? Payment Proof

As most of you know, if I recommend a site or app, it’s because I’ve personally used it. One big question is does the site pay? I’ve included a picture below of payment proof from Ibotta.

You can see I cashed out $20 to my Paypal account-

Is Ibotta a scam?

I am super happy with my experience with them and I hope to still be because I would like to add this to part of my monthly income.

What I Liked About Ibotta

Get Paid For What You Already Do

I don’t like to have to go out of my way to try to earn extra money, or buy stuff I don’t like. I already have to buy groceries, and they carry a variety of products, so chances are, they will have stuff you already buy. They even do generic products too-that’s my favorite!


They are quick to credit your account and a low cash out, though I’d like to see no limit like my mystery shopping apps.  I’m a big Paypal fan,so I’m glad it’s an option to get cash and not just gift cards.

Referral Program

I’m a big referral fan as well (passive income–woot! woot!) Ibotta’s referral program pays well at $5 a person after they make their first rebate. The awesome part is THEY get $10-that’s YOU! I think they change the amounts, so you should take advantage of the big payout right now.  After you are a customer, you can refer people too. Everyone goes shopping so it should not be hard to find people interested in getting cash back on their purchases.

Don’t you agree?

Ibotta Cons

App Only

One thing that is a bummer about Ibotta is that it’s only available through the mobile app. If you do not have a smart phone, Ibotta won’t work.

Final Verdict

I really like the Ibotta app and have used it for a few months now. I think it’s a great app that works and really does pay you. I recommend Ibotta to everyone who has a smart phone. You won’t be disappointed once you start earning cash back on your purchases!

[eafl id=4525 name=”ibotta” text=”Join Ibotta Here!”]

Or Use my referral code, jygmxtn, and you can earn an extra $10.

Join today

If you would like to sign up for [eafl id=4525 name=”ibotta” text=”Ibotta”] you can do so through the link below, or by downloading the app and Use my referral code, jygmxtn, and you can earn an extra $10.

Thank you for reading this Ibotta Review. Ibotta is not a scam and a legit company to join!

Do you hate couponing? Does this sound good to you?

make money at grocery store using ibotta

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