4 Mobile Mystery Shopping Apps That I Use Regularly

I used to do mystery shops all the time. I got away from doing them because it seemed like it was too much trouble to submit pages of data back to the company. I just recently got back into doing them because it’s gotten so much easier! Welcome to the Mobile Mystery Shopping age! You just report your collected data on your cell phone and get paid in cash.

Super easy!

4 mystery shopping apps that pay you cash

I just started using these apps last month and I’ve already been paid numerous times. We do not live in a major city and I still can find lots of jobs-finding jobs was a big problem for me when I used to mystery shop. Just think it you lived in Chicago, or other busy cities?

I just scan each app for jobs throughout the day and especially on weekends when I’ll already be out shopping anyway.

Here are the four mobile mystery shopping apps that I get jobs from weekly:

1. Field Agent

What is it? [eafl id=4534 name=”Field Agent” text=”Field Agent”]  is a mobile app that allows you to be an agent for various retail/wholesale stores like Family Dollar, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, and more. You just answer questions and submit photos pertaining to products, signage, merchandise displays, etc.

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How are you paid? PayPal. Field Agent incurs its transaction fees, so you get paid the full amount-big plus. The money is available to you almost immediately, which is way better than waiting weeks. My favorite part is there is no threshold amount to wait on before cashing out. You can cash out on your mobile app or on the Field Agent website.

How much I have earned with it: $20 for just 5 jobs in two weeks (mind you, I just started). May not sound like much, but it helps build my trip savings.

What I love:  The audits are short and very easy to complete. They even offer  paid audits that don’t require me to leave home.

The pay is between $2 and $12 depending on your Field Agent score and area. The more audits you complete, the higher your score. Your score can be affected by those you accept but don’t complete.

Field Agent Tips: Complete the non-paid screener surveys too. Paid audits become available based on non-paid screener surveys in which you recorded your shopping preferences, etc.

2. Easy Shift

What is it? [eafl id=4531 name=”easyshift” text=”EasyShift”] is a mobile app like Field Agent, but has more retailers. You  accept jobs at various retailers like Sprint, Home Target, Office Depot and Walmart.

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How are you paid? PayPal. After you submit your shift and it is approved, the payment is sent directly to your PayPal account. EasyShift incurs the transaction fees so you receive the full amount. Fast payment as well. The more shifts you submit, the more points you receive. The points equate to a higher number of shifts you can reserve and prioritizes your approvals.

How much I have earned with it: $11.25 and 190 points in two weeks-I could of gotten more but someone beat me to some jobs!

What I love: No purchase and many shops available.Easy tasks that do not take more than 5 minutes to do. If you can snatch them, there are high paying jobs available-I’ve seen $20 jobs.  The completion time is also longer than Field Agent’s. You may have has long as 48 hours to complete a shift after you reserve it.

EasyShift Tips: Anywhere Shifts are non-paid shifts (that award points) which screen you for upcoming paid ones. Think about the places you are accepting shifts for because it can be difficult to be discreet in a small store like Sprint with many sales reps.

3. Mobee!

What is it? Mobee has the same concept as the other apps, where you accept jobs at various retailers like Sprint, Home Target, Office Depot and Walmart.

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How are you paid? . With gift cards. This ones not cash, but it doesn’t take much to earn gift cards. I already got a Starbucks gift card only after 2 missions. I decided that this was what I’m using to fund my coffee habit. After you submit your shift and it is approved, points are awarded to your account. The bigger the job, the higher number of points.

How much I have earned with it: 750 points in three weeks.

What I love: No purchase for most and many shops available.Easy tasks that do not take more than 5 minutes to do.

Mobee Tips: Check daily for jobs since they go fast-the good paying ones.

Use my referral code: ( ZWD6 )and get an instant $3! [eafl id=4532 name=”mobee” text=”http://www.getmobee.com/app/  “]

3. GigWalk

What is it? [eafl id=4533 name=”gigwalk” text=”Gigwalk”] is probably my least favorite of the apps because I haven’t been able to find many gigs-maybe it’s my area-but I have been able to do one since joining. It was pretty easy with just some photos and answer questions. You might be more lucky in your area then me, but I’m not giving up!  Retailers are Sams, Home Target, Office Depot, Walmart, among others.

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How are you paid? Paypal. Jobs are paid fast and directly into your Paypal. They pay fees as well.

How much I have earned with it: I’ve  only done one gig and was paid $5.00 for a 5 minute job!

What I love: Easy tasks that do not take more than 5 minutes to do.

GigWalk Tips: Make sure you follow through with gigs you reserve because your level will go down and you won’t get picked for gigs as much.

I hope this helps you to decide if mobile mystery shopping is for you. I look forward to making more money using these apps and will keep you posted in a couple of months!

Have you done mobile mystery shopping before? Any kind?

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4 mystery shopping apps that pay you cash

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