What Are the Best Ways to Transform Your Home’s Floors?

The floors of your home are a key feature of your interiors. They’re not going anywhere, and they aren’t easy to change either. If you want to make some changes to the floors of your home, you have to think carefully about what you want to do. While there are some temporary changes you can make, a lot of them are more permanent. If you end up with floors you don’t like, it won’t be easy to reverse what you’ve done. Before you decide to make any big changes, make sure you’ve considered all your options. A new floor could have a huge impact on any room in your home.



Experiment with Rugs

Before you do anything permanent, there are several temporary ways to transform your floors. I’m a big fan of rugs for adding some colour and texture to floors in almost any room. Obviously, they’re not very practical in bathrooms and kitchens! Rugs are great in a room that might be a bit chilly. For example, hardwood floors might get a bit cold, and they can benefit from some rugs to make it warmer. They’re also useful for dampening sound, especially if you live in an upstairs flat. If you have a floor you want to hide, they can work well for that too. Rugs can be used sparingly, or you can layer them up to create a cosy effect. If you choose a single rug, something like a designer Louis de Poortere rug will create impact.

Lay Down New Carpets
Are you a fan of carpets? A lot of people don’t like them, but some people would rather have them. If you rent your home, you often have no choice as to whether you have carpets or not. But you still might be able to convince your landlord to get new ones. 

making your floors look good


Stain or Paint Your Wood Floor

If you have a lovely wooden floor, it might sometimes need an update. You don’t want to put carpet or vinyl over it, and you don’t want to replace it completely. But perhaps you think it could have a different colour or that the current colour just needs refreshing. Taking steps to stain or paint it could make it look brand new again. The process might involve sanding and polishing the wood so that you can get it looking pristine. There might be old paint or varnish that you need to remove before doing something new. Don’t feel like you have to limit your choices to choosing natural-coloured wood stains. You could paint the floor with a colourful shade to give the room an edge.

Replace the Floor

Replacing a floor in your home will probably be a last resort for most people. They’ll first consider if they can fix it, before thinking about something entirely new. But if the floor is looking worse for wear, a new one could be the answer. You might want to try a new material. For example, polished concrete has become popular as a trendy but relatively cheap option for flooring. Of course, there are many other more traditional options you could choose. If you currently have carpets, you might want a wooden floor. Or you might want to change your kitchen floor from wood to tile.

The floors in your home are an essential part of the overall style of your interiors. Don’t neglect them if you want a beautiful home.

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