Take The Challenge Today: Is Your Home Child Proof And Safe?

child proofing your home

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Our home is our sanctuary. It’s the place we reconvene to after a long day at work. Or perhaps it’s where we spend our days looking after our young children. We use it to relax, dine, entertain, sleep and have fun in. We decorate it to our style, bring in fresh flowers and make it cosy in the winter months. We often take it for granted. If you have babies or young children in your house, is your home safe proof against some of the perils that could be lurking inside? Why not take the challenge today and make sure you have these safety features ticked off the checklist.

Safety Latches

Make sure all your drawers and cupboards have safety latches on them. Little hands like to explore and the older they get, the more confident children become at opening drawers and bottles. All bleaches, detergents and medications should be kept high up and out of site. They should also be labelled clearly for everyone in the family. Also, make sure to keep knives out of reach and avoid a knife block completely. Also keep matches and lighters away from children. The best thing you can do in your home is to crawl around like a baby and make sure there is nothing dangerous in your reach.
is child proofing safe

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Home Security

For the peace of mind of your children and all your family, make sure you have home security cameras installed. Home alarms and security monitoring services have statistically proven to be a deterrent to the casual burglar. Keep your home safe and make sure you have adequate security measures in place. Monitored home security is an affordable way to give you peace of mind for all the family. And a home alarm system will also add value to your home. The latest technology enables you to monitor sound, vision and nighttime activity clearly. You are also able to monitor your home while you are away, on your smartphone.

Cords on Blinds

There has been much in the press in recent years about the cords of blinds being potentially lethal to children. Loops and dangling cords can cause strangulation if they are caught around your child’s neck. Many modern blinds come without loops. But if you have older blinds or are in a rental, please do make sure there are no dangling cords. The best thing you can do is install a new cordless blind or remove blinds altogether and opt for curtains instead.


It may seem obvious, but sometimes we do things out of habit. If you have a new baby or small child at home, always make sure to turn all pans on the stove to face the back. Never leave the kitchen unattended if you are cooking. And install an oven guard to protect little hands from wandering. Keep all hot food and drink away from the baby too. If you use hair dryers or hot irons, always unplug them and keep them far out of sight of children. And always unplug all appliances when you have finished using them.

On a finishing note, whether you have children or not, one of the best things you can do is to enrol on a first aid course. These courses cover everything from minor burns and bleeding to CPR and choking casualties. If you want to stay the safest you can be, it is worth investing in a first aid course for all the family.

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