7 Home Printer Projects You Didn’t Know You Could Do

In our house, the end of summer means that Santa (aka, “me”) starts to look for Christmas presents so I’m not hit up all at once with all the people we have to buy for.

One thing my oldest wants is a printer. So, I’ve been checking out prices on a basic one. While searching online, I came across a Pinterest link on some pretty cool things you can use your printer for. Of course, then I started going on an online hunt and I found the 7 coolest crafts/projects you can use your printer for besides printing documents.


Using just a home printer and practice folding, you can create cool sailboats. This simple and stylish sailboat design from the Swiss design blog Deschdanja  would be a fun Saturday project with the kids.

First, you would print out your pattern onto a cardstock paper. Then, fold it into a cool sailboat.

Here are the basic steps involved in folding a custom printed sailboat.

  1. Fold in half the long side of a rectangular paper
  2. The paper again, but halve again open
  3. Fold the upper right and left corner to center line
  4. Fold the top sheet of paper now projecting upwards
  5. Turn the paper
  6. Repeat on the back
  7. Fold corners around the top fold, only on one, then on the other side
  8. Lift the paper center with your finger
  9. Slide the right and left corner of each other, fold the paper and put the paper open side down
  10. The corner of the top layer of paper on top of fold up.
  11. Turn the paper
  12. Repeat on the opposite side. You now have a triangle
  13. Repeat step 8 and 9

14/15. Pull the upper paper points apart. The boat unfolds

16-17. Push the boat short flat

  1. The sides pull apart and the boot handle shapes.

From here you can attach your custom printed sail using a small wooden dowel or straw.

And 6 more printer crafts…

Personalized Paper Napkins



This would be great to save money if you wanted to make your party look a little more snazzy. Or, if you are hellbent on saving money on your wedding costs, you can create personalized napkins with your ink-jet printer using basic cocktail napkin folded only once.

Fabric Printing



Did you know that you can use fabric in your printer (as long as it is thin enough)? You’ll also need to use a stabilizer to keep the fabric in place as you print. Many people like to print on muslin bags, and other fabrics like cotton and linen also work well. These fabrics tend to absorb printer ink the best.

Temporary Tattoos

printing temporary tattoos


How fun would it be to print out your own temporary tattoos? You could even try out a temporary tattoos before getting the real thing. To print one, “temporary tattoo paper” is a must. After printing your design, once it’s dry – stick a dual-sided adhesive sheet to one side, trim it and you’re all set.

Used Dryer Sheet Art

use printer with crafts


I’m always looking for creative DIY art for the house. A fun art project using your printer and dryer sheets creates a wonderful art piece for your walls.  You can print a photo or an art project your child did.

Customized Paper Bags

using your printer for crafts


Besides using dryer sheets, printers are perfect for paper bags. This would be perfect for small business owners looking to put their logo onto bags for their products. I think it would be cute for personalized birthday or Christmas bags. The best size paper bag to use is a small 5 x 8.5″.

Paper Crafts

paper crafts using your printer


Look online for printable crafts. There are simple ones and complex crafts. My favorite is the origami and maybe the paper dolls.

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What do you use your printer for?

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