Ibotta Review: Should You Sign up?

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Are you one of those people who complain about getting groceries because you hate how expensive food is? You know you should take the time to clip coupons, but…



I feel ya, because I am that way too.

But, along came ibotta and really changed my attitude towards grocery shopping. Now, every Wednesday when we go grocery shopping, I make sure I check my Ibotta app first while making my list-that’s it.

No coupon clipping.

What is Ibotta?

It’s a FREE app that lets you get cash rebates (not points to track) on store and name brands.

I’ve heard that people seemed to think that they would have to spend more than they planned to “save” any noticeable amount. I am hear to tell you that that’s not true. Even if you just buy the cheapest item (like a generic item), you can get rebates. In fact, you can buy store brand produce like milk, apples, shredded cheese, frozen veggies, bananas, eggs, and bread and get .20 rebates.

I get a lot of my cash that way!

They have lots of other rebates on brand names as well, and I’ve found that it really is easy to find stuff you would normally buy anyway. They even have organic brands as well which has helped us a lot (along with our “Wellness Wednesday” discount at our store)

If you are willing to buy national brand products you can even save more, or get it for what a generic brand would cost. The hubby gets $3 back from getting his favorite beer brand.

This is my favorite part: You can also earn money from team rebates. For example, if together you and your team earns $15 in a month, you’ll get a bonus of $2. Which is why you should want to be on my team! 

(really, we are an awesome team!) ; )

We help each other gain bonuses, and I really do use it a lot, so it helps to get us a lot of bonuses. Some are $5!

We use it every time we go to any stores and we have all been cashing out our $20 to Paypal like crazy.  You just have to make sure that you sign up under this link so that you can get the team bonuses!

Is Ibotta a Pain to Use?

Not at all! Before I go to the store, I check to see if I can use any of the rebate offers. When I find one, I just press the unlock button. They usually just have you answer a question, or watch a 15 second ad. I think it took me a total of 5 minutes to get all of them unlocked.

IMG_3416 IMG_3414 IMG_3413

Then, after you buy the items, you scan the barcodes and take a photo of your receipt. I actually just do this while waiting for my mom to check out her groceries-while I’m still in the store.


After that, you wait for it to get accepted and you get a notification saying you have your rebates ready. In total, this took me less than 7 minutes.

What did I save?

Just in one week, I received $9.30 in rebates. That’s a combination of generic and name brand products. 

Right now, I’ve already got a $1 bonus and we are really close to getting the bonus for the month already as well-thanks, team!!!

Is it worth it?

Yes! Even, if you only buy a few basic groceries a week and only get a savings of $2.00 a week, that’s a yearly savings of $104. I’m telling you, this is the perfect savings tool for someone who is too busy to coupon!


TIP: Just think how much you could save if you are a couponer?  With the combination of coupons and Ibotta, you probably could get products for free! I’ve found that I was able to buy a national brand product for pennies with the big rebate offered-this allowed me to try something I would not of bought at full price.

Bonus: For a limited time, Ibotta is giving you a $10 bonus when you get your first rebate back! You can grab that here.

Do you already have Ibotta?


P.S. Don’t forget to use this link when you sign up so you can join my team to help you get bonus cash: 

This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing a product using that link will not change your purchase price, but I may be paid a percentage of your purchase for referring you to the product. I never refer products that I wouldn’t use myself or don’t love.

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