Bring Out the Games: The Many Benefits of Holding Regular Family Game Nights

why family nights are important

Family activities are fun and bring people closer.  However, it can be expensive depending on the activity and how many people are involved.  However, some activities are fun and cost minimal amounts of money.  Regular game nights bring friends and family members together and usher along a number of benefits.  Save money, unplug from electronics, teach younger family members good sportsmanship, and more.

Save Money

As mentioned, gatherings are fun but get expensive if you’re taking people to a sporting event, movie, or out to dinner.  Conversely, playing board games at home involves a one-time fee.  Moreover, rather than running a tab at a restaurant, you can gather snacks from the market or grab items from the grocery store to prepare an economical feast at home.  Even better, if friends and family members purchase different games and take turns buying food, the group is granted a variety without having to invest a lot.

Unplug Friends and Family

These days, people are always on their smartphone, laptop, desktop, watching television, or have headphones attached to their ears.  While modern times offers entertainment like never before, it leaves fewer moments to connect with others.  Rather than engage on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and other ‘social’ platforms, reserve time to get up close and personal.  Playing games actually gets people together and face to face to enjoy conversation.  Give your loved ones an opportunity to unplug for some three-dimensional interaction.

Show By Example

Younger people are often told what’s right but few get to see wisdom in action.  For example, it’s common knowledge that one should be a good sport and not a sore loser, but what does that actually mean?  Show by example.  Playing games with younger kids provides opportunity to showcase what good sportsmanship looks like.  Model good gameplay by encouraging, praising, and congratulating other players.  Moreover, be competitive, playing to win, while staying modest during times that you do come out on top.

Work Independently and as a Team

The trials of life are similar to situations faced when playing board games.  Often, one must be versatile in thinking while balancing independence with the inevitability of relying on others.  Playing board games demands dynamic thinking whether you have to work independently to proceed or solve a puzzle as a team to win.  Visit a number of online game publishers to find titles that are age appropriate, interesting, and challenging.

Stay in Touch

How many times do you say, “Let’s get together,” yet never meet with family and friends?  Game night gives reason to gather with the people you want to see.  Rather than a vague notion, it’s a concrete event that you can make recurring.  Whether it’s Sunday afternoons or Tuesday nights, any time is good to see the people you care about.  Plus, playing games is fun, and with limitless options at your disposal, it will never get stale.  Don’t make vague plans or just state that you’ll stay in touch; ensure that you do via family game nights.

Scott Reeves is a strong believer in holding a weekly games night with the family, whether they’re all sat around the table or squashed onto the sofa’s nudging elbows as they mash the controllers!

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