Recent Advances in the Treatment of Chronic Back Pain

chronic back pain

Researchers have been working hard to help the many people who suffer with debilitating chronic back pain, and recent advances are providing patients with more options than ever before. If you suffer from chronic back pain, it’s important to talk to your doctor about the newest treatments that are available, as they may finally be able to provide you with the relief you need. Keep reading to learn more about some treatments that can be used in combination with at-home back pain relief products.

Stimulation Treatment Therapy

One of the most promising new treatments for chronic back pain is a new form of stimulation therapy. Researchers from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine are responsible for this recent advancement, and they think that this new option is more effective than other spinal cord stimulation methods that have been used to help relieve pain. This is because this new method is able to generate higher frequencies when compared to traditional treatments, making it more successful.

Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation, which is also referred to as RFA, works by targeting the nerves that are sending pain signals to the brain. A doctor will insert a needle with a heated tip close to the nerve and zap it so that it will no longer be able to send pain signals to the brain.

Today, a newer form of RFA is available, and it’s called Cooled RFA. This treatment could offer precise relief, and its effects could last for anywhere from eight months to a full year before you need to receive the treatment again.

New Treatment Options for Low Back Pain and Sciatica

For sufferers of chronic low back pain, as well as sciatica, new treatment options are available that focus on relieving pain that’s caused by spinal disc problems.

An example is nucleoplasty, which is a Radiofrequency Discal Procedure. This treatment could reduce disc bulge and pressure on nerve roots to provide relief from pain. But if you aren’t a good candidate for that procedure, you can instead try IntradiscalBiacuplasty, or IDB for short. This is actually an advanced form of radiofrequency ablation that works on treating spinal discs from inside, and it has garnered a lot of attention and support from researchers.

Finally, spinal stimulators also promise to relieve chronic back and neck pain by using electrical pulses that are directed to the surface of your spinal cord. Stimulators are surgically implanted underneath your skin, and they can help ease back pain without the use of prescription medications. This could be a viable treatment option for those who have tried other approaches without success. Newer devices, like the Nevro High Frequency Stimulator, are available and could be the solution that ends up working for many patients.  

If you suffer from chronic back pain anywhere along your spine, and even if you have a condition like sciatica that’s causing your pain, you can talk to your doctor about the many advanced treatments that are currently available and designed specifically for relieving your pain.

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