Crunching the Numbers For Your Health

Have you noticed that more and more people are incorporating fitness into their lives from purchasing standing desks, to wearing FitBits during their lunch hours? It feels so good to live life a little lighter!

Since Chobani is encouraging us all to “crunch the numbers” in honor of the launch of their Simply 100 Crunch Greek yogurt, I thought it would be a great opportunity to start a “crunch the numbers” challenge with friends and family.


100 stairs

I walk a lot already, so I thought adding stair stepping would challenge me more. So, I’m going to climb at least 100 stairs per day. I keep my office downstairs in our house so I am motivated to run up and down the stairs all day. Try taking the stairs at your work instead of the elevator, or if you have a two floor mall, walk the mall and use the stairs.

100 standing abs

Who doesn’t want to get that “six pack”? I do! So I’ve been doing standing abs workouts lately. Yes, I stand to work them abs (I HATE sit ups!). I’ll be doing 100 standing abs a day. The cool thing is you can do this anywhere! Check out standing ab workouts on Youtube.

Eat 100 less

I’m big on eating as minimally processed as possible, but when I’m on the go pre-packaged snacks are a time saver, but I’m super picky about what I choose.

 I’m obsessed with the greek yogurts and I love Chobani! Right now, they even have a new Simply 100 yogurt that doesn’t contain any synthetic sweeteners (they use stevia), and they don’t use unnecessary additives. That makes it guilt-free for those who count their calories.

 Workout for 100 

How about this challenge: workout for a 100 days in a row! I like to workout in some form everyday as it is, but I know there have been days I’ve skipped here and there. Count walking as a workout, so even if you make that your workout, get out there and just do it!

What can you do to live your life a little lighter?

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