Jewellery on Planes: Is it a Fashion Statement or Something to Avoid?

should you check in your jewelry at airport

When travelling almost anywhere on earth by plane these days, you have to know that you’ll be going through extensive security screens at airports. Whether you choose to wear your jewellery or pack it, there are some things you should know before setting out on your journey. Jewellery is one of those ‘iffy’ culprits that could get you delayed going through security and some of the tinier pieces may even get lost on the conveyor belt if you run them through to avoid setting off that dreaded alarm. So then, what should you know about jewellery on planes? Is it a fashion statement or something to avoid as your worst nightmare?

Should You Check Your Jewellery?

Even if you have the sturdiest Rimowa Salsa bags that you got for a great price on, most travel agents suggest that you never check valuable jewellery to go through with your bags in cargo. If you are reluctant to wear it on the plane, at least put it in your carry-on bag, but here too, be careful. If it’s not attached to your body, you can easily lose it. Those cabin cases are only as safe as you can keep them and if they are placed in the luggage rack above your seat, you just might find your cases devoid of jewellery after your first trip to the on-board restroom.

Large Jewellery and Travel Comfort

It is true that large jewellery is trending again this year but is this something you really want to wear on a plane? Not only is it likely to set off security alarms but will you be comfortable wearing those big, bold pieces whilst sitting in a cramped seat that must have been built for a Munchkin? Probably not. If they are not expensive pieces of jewellery, then you may want to pack them in the overhead cabin bag but if they are expensive, you may just want to suffer through the inconvenience and keep them on your body whilst travelling.

Advice for Going through Security

As mentioned, many of your larger pieces are liable to set of those security alarms that will put you in a panic the moment you hear the siren. In over to avoid that trap, you may want to put your jewellery, large and small in your carry-on bag. Such things as rings, earrings and bracelets have been known to be lost on the conveyor belt because those ‘bowls’ they place your questionable items in to go through the scanning machine have been known to tip midway through the scan. Many travellers have complained of lost wedding rings and expensive gemstones because the container spilled them out on the belt.

It really is up to you to decide if you are willing to go through all the hassle of wearing jewellery in the airport and on the plane. You should know that jewellery is one of the most common wearables that set off alarms on the metal detectors so if you can avoid it, don’t wear any until on the plane. Even so, it doesn’t take but a few moments for the security agents to clear you by determining what set off their alarms, but if the lines are long, your fellow travellers won’t be happy with you and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss your flight due to an inordinately long delay either. Use discretion on what you wear and what you pack and your flight should be as carefree as possible. Now, if only you could get comfy in that tiny seat, it might be a pleasant journey!

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